10 Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Email List 

According to Forbes magazine, the most important marketing channel for 2022 is email marketing. 

That’s no surprise to me because email marketing has been our number 1 income-generator year after year, for many years.

Unfortunately, many small businesses owners struggle to GROW their email lists.

Or, they don’t know HOW to build their list, so they miss out on a powerful opportunity to get new clients and grow their business.

That’s why we created the 10 Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Email List cheat sheet.

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It gives you 10 easy tactics that will build your list even if you don’t have a marketing budget or haven't been able to get people to opt-in to your offers or lead magnets up until now. 

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Suzi Dafnis — CEO, HerBusiness

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Suzi Dafnis - Green Top

Hey there, Suzi here.

I love supporting women to grow their email list using all the strategies I’m giving you in this FREE CHEAT SHEET.

Using these same strategies members are filling their events, growing their Facebook groups, launching memberships, getting high-end consulting clients and driving people to their promotions.

They're getting people in the doors (both physical and virtual doors) of their business every single day — without being spammy! And, you can too.

Download the FREE Cheat Sheet Here Now