HerBusiness LIVE Online
Australia’s Premier Event for Women Growing and Scaling A Business


Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

HerBusiness LIVE Online
12 October 2020



PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

HerBusiness LIVE Online
12 October 2020


PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness Live 2019 - Speakers

Your Keynote Speakers

You’re Invited to Australia’s Premier Event for Women Growing and Scaling A Business

HerBusiness Live Online

Running a business by yourself can be lonely. 

There’s SO MUCH TO LEARN in order to stay on top of WHAT'S HOT and what works when you are growing your business.  

Add to that the pressure of always having to bring in NEW CLIENTS, and it can feel overwhelming.  

What if you could solve both challenges at once?  

The HerBusiness LIVE event is the FAST-TRACK way for you to MAKE CONNECTIONS, create RELATIONSHIPS and GROW YOUR BUSINESS with other women entrepreneurs.  

You will almost immediately discover others who are eager to DO BUSINESS with you.  

But it’s MORE than that.

As a woman GROWING AND SCALING YOUR BUSINESS, you need (and want) a safe place to ask questions and get TRUSTED ANSWERS. Not random answers from people who don’t “get" you or understand what you're doing in your business. 

You want ANSWERS from OTHER WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE and have SUCCESSFULLY achieved the NEXT LEVEL of growth in their business.  

And you want SUPPORT from women who are in the thick of growing a business while simultaneously managing family and outside commitments... all without sacrificing their health, or experiencing burnout and overwhelm.

That's why YOU are invited to join us for this EXCLUSIVE business-owners-only event.

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.



PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness Live - Get Connected

New Clients and Connections are Waiting For You At HerBusiness LIVE Online

Get ready! Because 12 October is your opportunity to supercharge your knowledge and inspiration at the 2020 HerBusiness LIVE Online Event.  

I’m so excited to give you access to some of the leading women business-owners in Australia – and the chance to learn how they are using INNOVATIVE MARKETING, TECHNOLOGY, PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODELS and THEIR NETWORKS NETWORKS to leapfrog the competition.

At HerBusiness LIVE Online, world-class speakers will reveal how they harnessed powerful thinking, and new and emerging technologies and marketing strategies, to take their businesses to the TOP and how YOU CAN TOO.


Showing up is about being VISIBLE and being SEEN - by your customers, by the people that you want to influence. It's about getting OFF THE SIDELINES and getting IN THE. GAME OF BUSINESS.

It's about seeing OPPORTUNITIES and saying YES, even when you're not 100% sure and EVEN IF you are shy or introverted.

Suzi Dafnis - CEO, HerBusiness

You’ll hear directly from other women (and a man or two ;-)) about what they are doing to build SUSTAINABLE businesses, do MEANINGFUL WORK, make an IMPACT, increase MARKET share, lower costs, GENERATE LEADS, GET NEW CLIENTS, GROW their businesses and play a BIGGER GAME — all through SHOWING UP.

You'll get the chance to apply their EXPERT EXPERIENCE experience to your own business in growth-critical areas such as ONLINE MARKETING, SALES, BUILDING AN COMMUNITY AND AN AUDIENCE, and improving the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE so that you get MORE SALES.

Plus, you'll NETWORK with other businesswomen, benefiting from their insights and experiences.

We've even built-in BUSINESS BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS so that you can address and discuss business issues and challenges that will help FOCUS on the direction of your business. You might even discover potential suppliers and powerful centres of influence – and even get new clients!

This is our 12th all-star all-day seminar for female entrepreneurs and I firmly believe it is a must-attend event for women business owners. 

I look forward to seeing you there on the day!

Suzi Dafnis CEO, HerBusiness

P.S. To keep you connected and supported as you grow your business, we're including a 12-month membership to the HerBusiness Network - a $795 value. All included.

Plus we're sending you a SPECIAL EVENT GIFT BOX to enhance your Online experience AND a BONUS ticket to bring a FRIEND.

Claim Your Place Today!

Presentations start at 9.00am AEST. Join us for a day of world-class speakers, awesome workshops and networking sessions.

HerBusiness Live - World-Class Speakers

Hear from world-class speakers and entrepreneurs

HerBusiness Live - Get Connected

Get connected with potential clients, suppliers and friends!

HerBusiness Live - Real World Stories

Real-world stories from other women growing businesses

HerBusiness Live - Focus

Get a new direction and your next best business moves!

HerBusiness Live - Cocktails

Virtual Cocktails
Happy Hour

HerBusiness LIVE Online Workshops

Awesome Workshops

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.


PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness Live - Make Connections. Meet Mentors

Make Connections. Meet Mentors and Experts. 

In one power-packed, inspiring day you'll:

  • Discover innovative short-cuts that will propel your business to greater success
  • Make connections and network with like-minded business owners
  • Get access to new clients and referrals
  • Be inspired by real-life examples of how women are growing their businesses
  • Develop your own business growth plan
  • Get more focus and clarity about your next steps  

Plus, you’ll meet leading female entrepreneurs and WORLD-CLASS SPEAKERS.

And here’s the good news.

These women are down-to-earth and will openly share what it’s REALLY like to grow a business, the obstacles they overcome, and the hidden strategies that they’re using every single day and that you can too.  

Discover how women are growing their ideal businesses (without burnout and overwhelm).

Take part in discussions that are directly geared to helping you apply others' business experience to your own business success!

Network with other women business owners all potential suppliers, centres of influence or possible clients!

At the same time, you’ll also get a female perspective on some of the biggest challenges and hottest topics facing small business today and how you can position your business to come out on top.

And it’ll be a whole day away from your day-to-day to work ON your business.

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.


PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness Live 2019 - Schedule

Here's the Schedule

All times are in AEST (Sydney time). Check your timezone.

Monday, 12 October 2020

8.45 am – Registration

9.00 am – Morning Session

Opening Address

Keynote Presentations

Morning Break


12.45 pm – Lunch (and Networking)

1.15 pm – Afternoon Session

Keynote Presentations


Afternoon Break

Business Brainstorming and Networking Sessions

5.30 pm – Close

5.30 pm - 6.30pm – Virtual Cocktails and Networking

HerBusiness LIVE Online Gift Box

We want to send you some FREE stuff

When you register you get a HerBusiness LIVE Gift Box jam-packed full of goodies that will make your HerBusiness LIVE experience that much better.

But, you must confirm your ticket and delivery address by 18 September.

HerBusiness Live 2019 - Speakers

The Keynote Sessions

Suzi Dafnis - HerBusiness Live Keynote Speaker

Suzi Dafnis
CEO of HerBusiness

Show Up and Create a Business with Impact
and Results

Why do some business owners create the lifestyle they LOVE, while others get stuck in stressful situations, working longer and longer hours? And why is it that some women have flourishing, profitable businesses, while others seem to struggle? If you like the idea of having a clear sense of direction in your business and feeling on track to creating your IDEAL life...then this session is for you.

Through her personal story and years of supporting women business owners to grow and scale their business, Suzi will share how you can create the business that’s IDEAL for you - having more fun, making more money and making a bigger impact in the process.

Suzi Dafnis is the CEO of HerBusiness, the most collaborative and supportive community for women business owners who want to grow and scale. Suzi has started and growing multiple multi-million dollar businesses - online and offline, selling products and services, in Austalia and the US. She's passionate about helping women finally create a profitable business that gives them the impact, income and results that they want.

Tracy Harris - HerBusiness Live Keynote Speaker

Tracy Harris
CEO of the Mums With Hustle

Show Up and Be Seen By Your Audience "Big Time" On Instagram

You see all the entrepreneurs and business owners taking to Instagram, building online audiences, thriving communities and growing in revenue as a result. But how? Tracy Harris of Mums with Hustle is passionate about helping women master the skills needed to show up on Instagram as their authentic selves whilst serving from the heart space. Get ready to finally understand how you can start showing up on Instagram with ease and in a way that grows your business with more ideal customers and clients.

Walk away understanding:

  • The 5 core ways to connect with your audience through content on Instagram
  • Tracy's simple 3-ingredient-recipe for sticky content that grows your business on Instagram

Tracy Harris is the CEO of the Mums With Hustle online community and education platform for mums in business, creator of the online Instagram course, Hashtag Hustle, and Founder of the online marketing academy, The Social Method Society. She is fiercely dedicated to supporting big-hearted women wanting to design their life first and business second – by harnessing the superpower of Instagram as part of a complete digital strategy. One that aligns with who they are at their core and one that sees them creating their own version of success.

Michelle Falzon - HerBusiness Live Keynote Speaker

Michelle Falzon
We Are Content

Show Up and Toot Your Own Horn, Dammit!

It’s a scientific fact, women self-promote LESS than men. And it’s costing us sales, opportunities and growth as business owners!

It’s time to reclaim our bragging rights and get bolder when it comes to sharing our wins and communicating our value. It’s time to take the shame out of self-promotion. To let go of feeling like a "bragger" and a "show off" when it comes to sharing our brilliance with the world.

Because like Marianne Williamson famously said... "Your playing small does not serve the world... as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same."

And, we get it... that’s often easier said than done!

  • In this session, marketing expert, Michelle Falzon shares:
  • 7 "reframes" that can help you get over the often paralyzing discomfort you can feel when it comes to self-promotion
  • 3 specific areas in your business to focus on when it comes to tooting your own horn (including real-life, practical strategies you can implement immediately)
  • Real-life Case Studies showing how other women business owners have managed to reclaim their Bragging Rights and flourish in their businesses as a result (warning, these stories could inspire spontaneous horn tootin’)
  • And much, much more.

Michelle Falzon of We Are Content has over 25 years experience in marketing and communications. She is an in-demand content, course and product creator, having developed and created books and courses for well-known thought leaders that have generated in excess of $20 million and attracted tens of thousands of participants. Michelle is also the co-host of the Content Sells podcast and the Marketing Success Mastermind.

Candace D'Agnolo - HerBusiness Live Keynote Speaker

Candace D'Angnolo
Founder & CEO, Pet Boss Nation

How To Show Up In Ways You LOVE and That Create Bigger Opportunities For You

Wish you could find more clients? Desiring to be part of exciting opportunities? Or even the first to know about or invited to participate in something important in your industry? Connection is currency. Being connected to opportunities and people will drive not just immediate revenue but build the relationships needed to sustain a healthy flow of business. In this session, learn how to show up for yourself, your audience and your industry by being a "go-giver" - a truly connected networker vs a business-card-weidling bandit.

Walk away knowing...

  • How to open the right doors
  • How to show up as your best self
  • How to hustle without all the hustle

Candace will show you how to leverage what you already have inside you and in front of you to be seen, heard and paid.

Candace D'Agnolo os the Founder & CEO, Pet Boss Nation. As a pet industry veteran since 2004, Candace has started companies in pet supply retail, wholesale bakery, dog daycare, pet grooming and more. After successfully selling three businesses, she now mentors thousands of other "Pet Bosses" to see success faster together than doing it alone. As a pet industry business coach, trade show speaker, columnist and influencer, her belief in building community over competition and her ability to grow and scale companies, is impacting other business owners in a big way!

Stu McLaren - HerBusiness Live Keynote Speaker

Stu McLaren
Founder of the TRIBE Experience.

Show Up as Your Awesome Self and Create a Community of Raving Fans

Do you ever feel like your business and life have turned out NOT exactly as you'd planned? That you're WAY working more than you want to and you're just not loving life and business?

Maybe you're so stressed most of the time trying to do ALL THE THINGS. And the harder you work the less it feels like you are making progress.

What would it take to create a business that is right for you? One where we can show up fully. One where you are serving your IDEAL CLIENTS at the highest level and delivering the products and services that you LOVE to create, rather than what competitors are doing or what you think you SHOULD be doing?

You CAN create a low-stress profitable business when you optimise a few things (doing LESS not MORE) and doing them at a world-class level.

Stu McLaren is the founder of the TRIBE Experience. And for the past 12 years, he's been working intimately with tens of thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and business owners to transform what they know, love and do into recurring revenue. Stu has a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what works in membership and subscription markets - and I've been doing it in virtually every market you can think of.

He is also a top-gun marketing and communicator who helps his community members really SHOW UP for their clients so that they can make the impact they want and create a low-stress, recurring revenue business a reality.

Stu's secret weapon is that he shows up fully as himself even though that wasn't always easy for him to do.

HerBusiness LIVE Online Workshops

HerBusiness LIVE Workshops

HerBusiness LIVE Online - Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley
CEO, Impactiv8

How to Use Facebook Ads to Show Up In a Bigger Way

Ready to invest in getting the word out about your business? In this session digital marketing expert, Loren Bartley will show you how to use Facebook Ads to show up in the digital world in a much bigger and more meaningful way so that you can get more of your ideal clients to click, engage and convert.

Loren Bartley is the CEO of Impactiv8, a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses get the best possible return on their Facebook Ads by optimising their digital marketing funnel so that they don't waste their money, and can increase the profitability of their business. Loren helps clients through her done-for-you services and the Click Engage Convert Academy.

HerBusiness LIVE Online - Cat Matson

Cat Matson
Founder, Impactful Presentations

How to Shake Off Your Nerves and Present with Confidence

As a business owner, your ability to persuade others is a key skill to success. And your ability to persuade increases exponentially when you can speak with confidence and present with impact; in meetings, small groups, content videos and speaking opportunities.

But most people HATE public speaking. And even the most knowledgeable, confident and articulate of business leaders can become a bundle of word-tangled nerves when they need to formally present.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Cat's easy-to-use, works-every-time introduction 'script' that calms your nerves and sets ANY presentation up for success;
  • a tried and tested framework for EVERY presentation that will scaffold your thoughts, avoid verbal diarrhea and deliver your messages with impact; and
  • how to be authentically conversational to connect with your audience whilst structuring your presentations for impact.

Cat Matson is the founder of Impactful Presenters, an online program teaching professionals, entrepreneurs and change-makers how to speak with confidence and present with impact. She is also a highly respected local government professional in Qld, holding the role of Brisbane's chief digital officer for six years and now leading economic and community development at Ipswich City Council. A highly accomplished speaker, moderator and MC, Cat cites her ability to speak and present with impact as her NUMBER ONE SKILL for her professional success. Through Impactful Presenters, Cat strives to help as many people as possible to learn the skills and frameworks required to speak with confidence and present with impact, so they too can lead the change they want to see in the world.

HerBusiness Live - Make Connections. Meet Mentors

Powerful Ways to Use Your Marketing to Show Up

Our panelists are showing up in their marketing in BIG ways —  getting more clients, becoming better known and stepping into their own power as leaders of their businesses.

HerBusiness LIVE Panelist - Fiona Keary

Fiona Keary
Style Liberation

HerBusiness LIVE Panelist - Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer
Your Strata Property

HerBusiness LIVE Panelist - Peta Gillian

Peta Gillian
Strong Healthy Women

Women in this panel have...

  • Created all-new online MARKETING FUNNELS that have generated BIG INCOME right out of the gate
  • Learned how to use their email list to finally GET RELIABLE, REGULAR INCOME in and create strategic partnerships
  • SOLD OUT their events when previously they used to struggle
  • Received MAINSTREAM PUBLICITY in print, on television and online
  • CREATED NEW MEMBERSHIPS, programs, and revenue streams and helped each other to fully step into their power as the leaders of their businesses
  • And much, much more.

You are going to LOVE getting to know them.

Your Investment

of $795.00 Includes

  • Your Ticket to HerBusiness LIve including all keynote presentations, workshops and networking sessions (a $795 value)
  • A BONUS ticket to HerBusiness LIVE for a Friend (a $795 value)
  • Your surprise HerBusiness Live Gift Box and Student Materials
  • And 12 months of membership to the HerBusiness Network — so that you can get ongoing support to finally create a profitable business that gives you the impact, income and results that you want. (A $790 value)

That’s a value of over $2,380 for one low price of $795.
You save: $1,585


PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness LIVE - What Others Say About HerBusiness Events

What Others Say About the HerBusiness LIVE Event

I Signed Up A New Client!
“Thanks for making this such a great day. Yesterday, I signed up a new client - a direct result of the day, and I have several more people to see! It was a great experience!”

"I thought it was a fabulous mix of business-related process content combined with a good mix of inspiration."
Bronwen Levett, South Coast Auto Services

A Friendly and Encouraging Environment
“Really friendly and encouraging environment, and great networking. Many of these women will go on to be mentors of mine! So fabulous to see women truly working together.”

What A Great Atmosphere
“While I was excited about the keynote, I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of the general atmosphere at the day. I was relieved and delighted to discover how friendly and open the delegates were. There was plenty of laughter, food and phone numbers exchanged! I will definitely be attending again and I’ll be bringing my friends.”

Inspiration, Motivation and Insights  
“How can you pass up an opportunity to tap into the minds of successful businesswomen? Inspiration, motivation and insights into what makes a business succeed, all in one fantastic day. If you are in business or even thinking about it, you can’t afford to miss this event.”

The Place You Want to Be
"My instinct is right that this is a place you want to be if you're a female business owner. And, I can't wait for the next HerBusiness Live."
Christina Sanchez, Back Yourself Coaching

Deep Learning
"The learnings were deep. I enjoyed hearing other people's stories, learning from them and now thinking, well how can I apply that to my business."
Anita McLachlan, Sequins and Sand

Excellent Business Contacts
“I have had a very enjoyable day and have made some excellent business contacts. Thanks for the opportunity to meet such inspiring businesswomen.”


So what is the HerBusiness Network?

The HerBusiness Network is a Connected Network of women in business - located mostly in Australia - but with Members also in the US, Asia and Europe.  

Immediate Momentum - Start Creating YOUR Connection Network!

When you join the HerBusiness Network you immediately start to attract a powerful network of awesome business owners around you, who will give you exactly what you’re after - a steady flow of your ideal clients, referrals, advisers, strategic alliances and support. And you get access to essential information, education and resources.

You get a 12-month membership (normally $795) when you register for the HerBusiness LIVE Online event.

HerBusiness Network - Logo

HerBusiness Network
Here’s what’s included in your BONUS membership...

HerBusiness Network - Roundtables

Monthly Online Roundtables

Our popular monthly online Roundtable sessions give you the opportunity to brainstorm your business with other like-minded, savvy women. And they help you get new clients. Imagine having your own sounding board and support network you could meet with monthly, to help you solve your biggest business challenges and give you the inspiration you need to take the next big leap in your business.

HerBusiness Network - Masterclasses

Masterclasses and Workshops

Benefit by learning from the brilliance of other women in the community AND from specially-invited experts who share what they know answering all your questions. Develop all the skills that really help you step more and more into the role of Leader in your business — working ON your business with more clarity and focus, than IN it.

HerBusiness Network - Hot Seats

Hot Seats

Every month we walk through a member’s business, giving a part of their business a needed makeover. This is where we lend our expertise to answer your questions... like helping you better identify your ideal client, so that it's easier for you to find them.

The Hot Seat critique provides members sound advice and recommendations that can make all the difference - sometimes the simplest change can help you to quickly get unstuck.

HerBusiness Network - Monthly Roundup


Just as we start the month powerfully with our Roundtables, we like to finish strong with our HerBusiness RoundUp.

It’s so important to stop and reflect, to celebrate our achievements and to look at where we fell short. So whether you've hit a milestone, had a record month, or would like to share something with members... we want to cheer you on

HerBusiness Network - Goals Groups


HerBusiness Goals Groups allow you to meet and work with other members who become your peer mentors, supporting and encouraging you, and giving you accountability to achieve your goals

When you have a Connection Network of like-minded businesswomen who understand what you’re trying to achieve - who want to see you win and who are there to help ensure you get results - you’ll find their support makes all the difference

HerBusiness Network Facebook Group

The HerBusiness Network Members Facebook Group

This members-only online Group is a place for you to connect, meet, and share ideas with your fellow HerBusiness Network members… and where your Connection Network of new clients and suppliers will come to life.

The Facebook group is also a place to try out your new ideas, road test new pricing, products and services; and get free feedback and advice.

The HerBusiness Hub

The HerBusiness Hub Your Online Resource Centre

The HerBusiness Hub is your ‘home’ inside the HerBusiness Network. Here you start to build your Connection Network, access all your resources, and get information about all our upcoming activities and member-only offers. 

The Hub is where you join the Member Directory, and access member-only promotional opportunities for your business - including free advertisements in our newsletter. (This is a great way to get your message out to thousands of HerBusiness community members and social media followers, completely free of charge!)

Plus you get access to Worksheets, Templates, our extensive Learning Library and so much more - all absolutely free as part of your HerBusiness Network membership.

Over $12,792 in Additional Bonuses

The HerBusiness Network: Over 12,792 in Additional Bonuses

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.


PLUS a FREE 12 Month HerBusiness Network Membership
($790 Value)

HerBusiness Live 2019 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I can make it. Will you be doing this again?
This event will only be held once this year. You don’t want to delay getting proven strategies to:

  • connect with your ideal clients
  • get your messaging locked in and working for you
  • connect with potential clients, prospects and strategic alliances
  • access mentors and experts who will give you valuable advice
  • discover out-of-the-box marketing strategies that can give you a much-needed boost
  • spend time out of your ‘day-to-day’ grind and work ON your business  

What time does the event finish?
The presentations end at 5.30 pm. And then it's PARTY TIME! Join us for Virtual Cocktails from 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm AEST.

Will I get to Network even though the event is online?
You betcha. Networking and connecting is in our DNA and we've created numerous opportunities for you to connect with others in the group (even if you're the shy or introverted type who typically doesn't like networking)

What's the agenda?
The day includes four keynote presentations, small-business workshops, networking as well as inspiring panels and business brainstorming sessions. We give you a morning and afternoon break as well as a lunch break (though we know it's going to be hard to leave your newfound community even for a short while). Plus, we end the day with networking and Virtual Cocktails. It's going to be a FUN day.

Is there a workbook?
There is a comprehensive workbook as well as a SURPRISE GIFT BOX with resources that will make your HerBusiness LIVE Online experience even more useful and fun.

How do I claim my Bonus Ticket?
The HerBusiness LIVE Super Bonus pack includes an EXTRA ticket to HerBusiness LIVE that you can gift to a friend. Once you register we'll give you a special, secret link ;-) that you can use to reserve your Bonus Ticket.

When do I get my EVENT Gift Box?
When you register we will verify your delivery address so that we can ship you your special Event Gift Box. The goodies inside will help make your HerBusiness LIve Online experience even better.

How does the bonus HerBusiness Network Membership work?
When you purchase the HerBusiness Live Super Bonus we are including a 12-month membership to the HerBusiness Network.

Your membership includes 12 months of business support, training and all the HerBusiness Member benefits that will give you the accountability the community and the support to finally create a profitable business that gives you the impact, the income and the results that you want.

Your membership will kick off on 12 October. At that point, we'll welcome you into the community and give you access to all your member benefits and bonuses (over $11,000 in training and support). It's so valuable.

What if I need to cancel my attendance to HerBusiness LIVE?
Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome. A full refund (less $97 administration fee) will be given to cancellations received in writing by 18 September 2020.

A 50% refund will be given for cancellations received after 18 September and before 2 October 2020.

No refunds will be given to cancellations made after 2 October 2020, or for non-attendance.

All changes to registrations must be received in writing to info@herbusiness.com

Got more questions? Email us here or use the live chat on this page.