Business Growth Summit for Women Entrepreneurs

World-class speakers, best selling authors and celebrity entrepreneurs share how to master the inner and outer game of business for maximum profits and ultimate happiness.”


Meet some of our amazing Summit Speakers

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Gabby Bernstein

How to Be a Power Attractor

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Amy McLaren

From Passion to Purpose

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Kim Kiyosaki

Take Charge of Your Money and Your Life

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Jennifer Alwood

Fear is Not the Boss of You

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Bari Baumgardner

Sales IS Service - Powerful Ways to Monetise Conversations

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Mike Michalowicz

The Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Angela Duckworth

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance

2020 Business Growth Summit Speaker - Brian Solis

Lifescale: Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life

More speakers announced soon!

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Success for Maximum Profits and Ultimate Happiness

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“I can’t wait to share this with you..” 

If you want to grow and scale a business. If you’re ready to move from being a solopreneur to running a sustainable, successful business that gives you the freedom, the lifestyle, the results and the impact that you dream of, then you’re in the right place.

Business success takes mastering the Outer Game (the tactics and skills and the knowledge) AND also (and almost more importantly) the Inner Game (the mindset, barriers to growth and self-limited actions and thoughts).

That’s why I personally invited some of my favourite speakers, entrepreneurs and authors to share their real-life experience with you.

They’ve started businesses.

Grown businesses.

Sold businesses.

They’ve succeeded.

And they’ve bombed at times.

They’ve made an impact on thousands of clients and they are creating a legacy.

You definitely want to get this even in your schedule. This collection of masterful minds have never been together before.  

And you can get access to their brilliant Summit sessions for one week only.  

So, grab your place now.

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Master the Inner and Outer Game of Success for Maximum Profits and Ultimate Happiness

About the Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the summit for? This summit is designed for business owners who are growing and scaling a business. This is for business owners who are keen to move from solopreneur/self-employed to running a growing business. This is for you if you are ready to have more success and to play a bigger game.

How long do I have to listen to the sessions? When you register for the summit you get access to the sessions from Monday, 3 February until Friday, 7 February, Midnight AEDT. For ongoing access to these trainings, plus 200+ more, and to the most collaborative and supportive community for women entrepreneurs who are growing and scaling a business request an invitation to join the HerBusiness Network.  

What is the Summit schedule? We’re keeping the schedule (the order of sessions a surprise for now)! When you register you secure your place. Then, from 3 to 7 February you get a daily email to give you access to that day’s sessions. Three new sessions will be released each day.  

What time each day will I have access to the Summit? Each day's sessions will be released at approx. 8.00am AEDT (Australian Daylight Savings Time). You can convert to your timezone here.

How do I listen to / watch the Summit sessions? Every day during the Summit we'll send you a link to a unique page where you can watch each session. You can stream the video on your devices (mobile and desktop).

What if I can’t attend some of the sessions? We understand you may not have time to take advantage of all the awesome session. When you join the summit you can request a Summit Playlist and we’ll send you a list of the top 4-5 sessions that best suit your business situation.  

Are their networking opportunities? A special pop-up Facebook Group for Summit attendees allows you to ask your questions and get extra resources and support during the Summit. Get access to the group when you join the Summit.  

Are there audio downloads? The Summit Sessions are available only as streamed videos.

When will I get access? Every day during the Summit (from 3 - 7 February ) we'll be opening up NEW Sessions.

Can I get access after the Summit ends at midnight on 7 February, 2020 (AEDT)? If you want ongoing access to the Summit you will have the opportunity to get access to these Summit Sessions (and a whole library of business training sessions), monthly business support, networking and much more as part of the HerBusiness Network. You can get the details here.

How do I join the HerBusiness Network? The doors to the Network are normally closed. As a special bonus for those Summit attendees we are opening up the doors during the week of the Summit. That means you get ongoing access to the Summit sessions (so you don't have to watch them all during Summit week) and a whole lot more including over $1,200 in bonuses and access to the most supportive and collaborative network of women who are growing and scaling a business. But the doors are only open for a few days. And then we close and get on with giving incredible value to our members. 

What if I have a question that’s not answered here? Use the Live Chat at the bottom of this page or email us here at any time with your questions. Or you can call us on 1300 720 120 (or +612 8332 5402) from 9.00am - 5.30pm AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Our amazing speakers have been featured in:

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Success for Maximum Profits and Ultimate Happiness

About Your Host - Suzi Dafnis, CEO HerBusiness

Suzi Dafnis’s BIG passion is helping women business owners who want to grow great businesses, create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world.  

Every day she is inspired by the more than 30,000 amazing women (and men!) in the HerBusiness community helping them access the best education, mentors and resources from around the globe and providing the skills, knowledge and support they need to succeed.  

Suzi has interviewed some of the world’s bestselling authors and speakers, including Arianna Huffington, Jonathan Fields, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, many of them multiple times. She’s the host of the popular HerBusiness podcast and co-host of the Content Sells podcast and a big advocate for women entrepreneurs.

Suzi Dafnis

“Suzi Dafnis is a mastermind and a polymath (of the most delightful and warmest kind). I had the honour and joy of being a guest on her incredible ‘BOOKED for Lunch’ program, and I was thoroughly impressed by her acuity—she has her finger on the pulse, and is at the nexus of the business worlds’ most important trends and emerging philosophies. I’ve done a bunch of interviews that superficially brush against key points, but Suzi was able to take our conversation deep. She has an attunement for relevance and empathy for her audience. It was so fun to work with her—I live in hope for similar experiences in the future.”

- Jason Fox, author - How to Lead a Quest

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