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A Message From Suzi Dafnis

CEO, HerBusiness

Suzi Dafnis

Suzi Dafnis CEO, HerBusiness 

I've been in marketing for a long time... and every now and then a strategy comes along that is truly revolutionary. It changes the way you do things and it produces results like nothing else has. And creating a lead magnet marketing system is one of those strategies.

And I speak from first-hand experience. 

The lead magnet marketing systems we've implemented here at HerBusiness have been game-changers - they've made a significant difference, not only to our bottom line but also to the number of people we can help and the impact we can make in the world.

Which is why I'm really thrilled to be able to offer the Content Sells Master Course to you today. 

Your presenter, Michelle Falzon, is someone I have known for a long time and I know she gets results for her clients. She's produced dozens of lead magnet marketing systems resulting in tens of thousands of leads and sales for her clients.

In fact, our most successful lead magnet system is one Michelle helped us to design.

So, I know you are in good hands.

“This would have to be one of the best quality courses I have ever participated in. “Well done to both HerBusiness and Michelle!”

Carol Orrock Content Sells Graduate

Your Two Biggest Marketing Challenges

If you are a small business owner, it’s likely you’re suffering from these two marketing challenges:

1. Not getting enough leads in the door

2. Not having a reliable process to predictably turn leads into sales

Imagine having a system that, once you built it the first time, could virtually go onto autopilot attracting and converting your ideal customers over and over again… all without needing you to keep re-building it every day.

Content Sells is a 4-Part Program, run over 4 weeks that will help you to get your automated marketing system up and running, or to revamp a current system that is maybe not working as well as it could be

During the Content Sells Program you will learn:

Find Your Ideal Client


Finding your ideal client starts with having a clear Client Avatar - discover the process we use to get laser focused.



How to craft a funnel, including the psychology you must know to help people move through your process.

mobile devices


Here's how you create content that is relevant AND optimised for conversion.



You don't have to be baffled by the tech - see how successful marketers set up their systems.

Pen and paper


What makes an offer irresistible and the 7 elements you need to get right.

Know Your Numbers


Know what numbers you need to track and how to ensure you get an ROI.

Alison Vidotto

“It was a fabulous course. I'm so impressed! 

“I am going through all the notes again and re-building our lead generation system. Thank you very much. Huge value!!”

Alison Vidotto Content Sells Graduate

Escape the "Roller Coaster"

Most small business owners are constantly playing catchup — running around getting the leads, then getting busy turning those leads into sales, then doing all the work associated with those sales and then realizing, “Whoops, we need more leads.” It's a roller coaster ride, creating the same headaches and challenges over and over again. An automated marketing system gets you off the roller coaster, giving you a steadier, more predictable stream of quality leads and sales.

Escape The Rollercoaster

Attract the "Right" Customers

Attract More Customers

Trying to be "everything to everyone" usually means you end up being "nothing to no-one." Getting more sales starts with being crystal clear on WHO your ideal client is, then you can more effectively create a system that magnetically attracts your ideal customers — those people who LOVE what you do and pay you well for it. And there's a way to do this that isn't "salesy" and that positions your offer as the natural next step in a value-added process your clients love being a part of.

Turn More Leads into Sales

Are you "spinning your wheels" creating a lot of content and marketing activities that just don't translate into sales? The good news is: There are some specific things you can be doing easily and quickly to make significant changes to the results you are getting. It starts by "beginning with the end in mind" and ensuring that every step in your marketing system has a very clear and specific "next step."

Get More Sales

"A fantastic range of information and tools. I particularly found useful the planning/mapping tools that Michelle used behind the scenes to work out their pathway for sales funnels and marketing timelines."

Tracy Buchholz Content Sells Graduate


About Your Course Presenter

Michelle Falzon

"I am really looking forward to helping you create a marketing system that attracts and converts your ideal customers so that you can have the business and lifestyle you really want." 

Michelle Falzon

Michelle Falzon, Director of We are Content, has more than 25 years experience in marketing and communications.

From her early days in TV, radio and press through to event marketing for many big name speakers and more than 15 years as a digital marketer, Michelle blends her dual experience in direct response and content marketing to create high-value, high-converting content that sells.

Michelle's marketing campaigns and strategies have involved:

  • The sending of well in excess of 100 million emails
  • The production of more than 100 digital marketing funnels
  • Attracting more than 50,000 people to live events
  • Drawing tens of thousands more into webinars, ebooks, online courses and other lead magnet opt-ins
  • Generating more than $40 million in revenue for a variety of industries from personal development, education, finance, hospitality, property, IT and more.
Dina Bonke

"This is one of the best short courses I have ever done — seriously! And I have done a LOT! 

“I think it's because there are a lot of clear, practical and do-able action steps that get results."

Dina Bonke Fashion Whisperer


The first lesson will be released on 14 January 2020 and you’ll get a new lesson each week for four weeks. 

Parts 1, 2 and 3 will be released as a pre-recorded course so that you can access at your own pace between 14 January and 21 January. Part 4 will be delivered LIVE on 24 January. 

The program comes with bonus worksheets AND an exclusive FACEBOOK GROUP where you can get your specific marketing questions answered.  

PART 1: 14 January

Matching Your Ideal Client with Your Ideal Offer 

This part is all about beginning with the end in mind. We “reverse engineer” from here. This is where most people go wrong — they start with their lead magnet and try to build a funnel from there. The key is to build your marketing system backwards from the ultimate goal you want to achieve.

Getting clear on WHAT is at the top of your mountain - Identifying WHAT you sell (your Ultimate Desired Conversation Activity).

Getting clear on WHO is going to climb your mountain - Including a process for creating a buyer persona (Avatar) for each of your ideal clients. This step is so important it is at the foundation of your entire marketing system and you’ll learn why.

Understanding your numbers - What is your goal in terms of sales (how many people need to climb this mountain)? Understanding “lifetime” value vs “transactional” value. An easy way to work out how much you can invest to attract people to your marketing system and calculate Return on Investment (ROI).

PART 2: 17 January, 2020

How to Use a Marketing System to Get Your Ideal Client to Buy from You

This part is all about creating your Marketing System — the best path to move your ideal client from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

Understanding funnels - The psychology of the funnel. Types of funnels. The power of “if”/”then.” Roughing out your funnel. What a marketing funnel looks like. The importance of autoresponders. How much free content to give away? Why you need a plan for those who don’t make it all the way to the top (because they might one day).

The “Step 2 Secret” - The powerful strategy you can easily implement, right on the thank you page of your lead magnet and works for just about every business, whether you are selling a product or a service. Sample funnel diagram.

Marketing System Blueprint - The specific funnel blueprint that is getting results right now, whether you’re driving traffic from your own list, JV’s or paid media.

PART 3: 21 January, 2020

Growing Your List with More of Your Ideal Clients

This part is all about what you can do to encourage your ideal client to start the journey — how to craft a lead magnet offer that will not only get a high percentage of opt-ins, but will also pave the way for your ideal client to reach the top of the mountain.

Your lead magnet can’t be a 30-foot cliff - How to create a lead magnet offer that is the perfect first step for your ideal client and will position them, right from the start, to buy from you (and the big mistake most people make that turns people off).

Topic, Type and Trigger - The three T’s, how to name your lead magnet, choose the right type of lead magnet and what specific calls to action work best.

Why thinking laterally will get you more optins - Turning the “me” to “you” and truly getting to the heart of what kind of offer will work requires thinking laterally. Learn why the best way to sell is NOT selling and why you must start out with an “agnostic” mindset when it comes to presenting your product or service in your lead magnet.

Part 4 (LIVE): 24 January, 2020 10:30am AEDT 

 How to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients into Your Marketing System 

This part is all about how you get your ideal client to the mountain (promotion) and then nurture them through the “funnel”, the “bucket” and beyond (content marketing).

Your promotional “real estate” - Discover the difference between a “squeeze page” and your website and why knowing that one thing will dramatically boost your conversions. Plus, how (and when!) to use squeeze pages, web pages and pop ups to promote your offer.

Owned, Earned and Paid Promotion - Strategies for driving traffic to your marketing system from your blog, social media channels, JV partners, affiliates and paid advertising.

Marketing beyond the funnel - Not everyone will make it to the top of your mountain. Here’s how you can nurture those who don’t make it to the top (because they might one day!). Nurturing and list segmentation strategies you must know to keep your list healthy and your community thriving. Plus an overview of your ongoing content marketing calendar.

PARTS 1, 2 AND 3 ARE PRE-RECORDED – so you can catch up at any time. PART 4 IS DELIVERED LIVE!

"The course has been really beneficial. I have enjoyed the structure and format." 

Jackie O'Dowd Realising Potential  



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Your Course Portal gives you access to all the training recordings, slides and handouts. You can work through the program at your own pace, reviewing the sessions as often as you like. 

Course Portal


The exclusive Facebook Group is a place to network, learn from and be encouraged by your fellow participants and receive direct feedback on your specific marketing system questions by course presenter, Michelle Falzon.

When we ran this program before, people raved about the bit difference that the additional access and support made to their results. You can make SO much more progress when you’ve got a supportive, like-minded network around you. And because Michelle Falzon and Suzi Dafnis are in there all the time — answering questions and giving you support — that’s access to you just can’t get this cost effectively anywhere else. 

Facebook Group


A suite of practical worksheets and templates including the:

  • Client Avatar Template
  • Customer Interview Template 
  • Marketing System Plan-On-A-Page 
  • Template Course Exercises 
  • Marketing Campaign Funnel Template
  • Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet
Bonus Templates and Worksheets

Here's a quick recap of everything you receive as part of your Content Sells Master Course:

  • 4 x 90 minute Course Modules. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are pre-recorded. Part 4 is LIVE
  • Access to all Course Recordings (for a limited time)
  • Bonus Course templates and exercises so you can make headway each week 
  • Bonus Course Portal with access to your recordings, slides and worksheets
  • Bonus Facebook Group to post questions and have them answered throughout the program by your course presenter, Michelle Falzon, and HerBusiness CEO, Suzi Dafnis

You are just moments away from getting access to EVERYTHING you need when you join the Content Sells Master Course.


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"Great course! A clear roadmap about the process. 

“For me, I was in the 'Hot Seat' so I received some great one-one-one work. Really great value." 

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