Get the Email Marketing Edge Master Course

Finally Get Your Email Marketing Working to Attract, Convert and Keep Your Ideal Clients!

I Sold Half My Event Tickets Within One Hour of Opening!

I've always been a bit hit and miss with my marketing. I had ideas but nothing ever really synced together. 

And I had a big event coming up and I just needed to know how to lead my clients on a journey to want to come and share the experience with me.

And one of the top things I learned was really about my client avatar - it wasn't something I had explored before. And when I figured that out, it was much easier to create an email sequence that engaged people.

I'd run a number of events before and always scrambled to get people on board. 

But this time, within one hour of opening, I'd sold half my tickets!

And it's a system I've been able to use over and over again with great success.

Fiona Keary, Style Liberation


I did the Get The Email Marketing Edge Master Course earlier this year and it really made a difference to my business.

Each week I would participate in the session and, each week, I would implement the changes or suggestions that were made. And I found that every week my email list was growing significantly in size, but so were the conversions to sales as well!

 And then it just became a compounding effect from there.

Six months after doing the course I had my BEST month EVER.

Yvonne Shepherd, Women's Fitness Adventures

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

I’ve had many people over the years ask us here at HerBusiness for more help with their email marketing.

Recently we ran a survey and found that 85% of our members rate Email Marketing as one of their Top 3 Marketing Priorities right now.

And yet, many of these email marketing challenges might sound familiar to you:

 • How to stand out when my prospects and clients are getting flooded with emails?

 • What do I need to do to get my emails opened and clicked on?

 • How can I make sure everything I send isn’t ending up in the junk mail folder… or worse?

 • What if I upset my list by sending too many emails or sounding too salesy?

 • How do I get started if I don’t have a list or my list is small?

 • How do I know what sort of content to send? 

If any of those points strike a chord with you - you're not alone.

And yet, I know from personal experience, just how AWESOME email marketing can be when you get it right.

It's been the lifeblood of my businesses over the years and I know it can make a massive difference to you too.

That's why we've put together the Get The Email Marketing Edge Master Course.

And there was one person I wanted to present it. 

Michelle Falzon, is someone I have known for a long time and I know she gets results for her clients. She's produced dozens and dozens of email marketing strategies, resulting in tens of thousands of leads and sales for her clients.

In fact, many of HerBusiness' most successful email marketing campaigns have been those Michelle helped us to design.

And she knows how to walk that line between providing great value content AND getting the conversion (something I know many people struggle with) and she does it with smart strategies that have great heart and aren't "salesy" or "slimey".

So, I know you are in good hands. 

Get More Sales and More Connection With Your Audience Using The Email Marketing Edge 4-Part System:

The 4-Step System That Will Help You Know WHAT to send, WHEN and To WHO So You Can Finally Get Your Email Marketing Working to Attract, Convert and Keep Your Ideal Clients 

Part 1: Foundation: 

The Secret To Your Email Marketing Success 

Friday, 6 October 11:00am – 12:30pm AEDT 

Part 2: Connection (A):

Attracting and Nurturing Your Ideal Prospects 

Thursday, 12 October 11:00am – 12:30pm AEDT 

Part 3: Connection (B): 

Converting and Keeping Your Ideal Prospects 

Thursday, 19 October 11:00am – 12:30pm AEDT 

Part 4: Implementation: 

Bringing it All Together - Your Plan & Technology

Thursday, 26 October 11:00am – 12:30pm AEDT 

Go ahead and register for the Get The Email Marketing Edge Master Course today, so we can help you get more leads... ...and also turn those leads into sales!

This offer is genuinely limited:

1. We can only accept a limited number of participants (due to the interactive nature of the Course)  

2. We only have this course open for registration for a limited time (enrolments closing midnight Friday, 29 September).


Here's What You Get:

  • 4 x 90 minute LIVE Interactive Course Modules - includes Hot Seats where you can see how the teachings apply in a real-world setting (you can also apply to be a Hot Seat participant). All you need to join in is an internet connection or phone line.
  • Access to all Course Recordings for as often and as long as you want.
  • Course Work so you can make headway each week and have that work reviewed at the next session in the group setting.

Limited Time Fast Action Bonus!

90-MINUTE FOLLOW-UP IMPLEMENTATION CALL Reconvene with your group in November 2017 and share your wins, what help you need and generally keep yourself accountable to create a powerful marketing system driving leads and sales into your business.

($297 Value)

PLUS Over $2000 in Additional Bonuses!

EME Bonus Templates

Bonus Templates Use these Bonus Templates to easily apply what you are learning to your own email marketing.  


  • Email Marketing Plan Template
  • Client Avatar Template
  • Client Nurture Email Sequence
  •  ...and more! 

EME 24/7 Courase Portal

Bonus 24/7 Course Portal In your 24/7 access Course Portal you can post questions and have them answered throughout the course duration by your presenter, Michelle Falzon. Got email copy you want Michelle to look at? Need help with a tech problem? Wondering about the best way to segment your list? Need some help analysing your email stats? Simply post your question in the portal for feedback and guidance from Michelle.

Offers That Sell - 1 Day Event

Bonus 1-day LIVE Event Get Your Bonus Ticket to Offers That Sell. Once you learn great email marketing, you can still be let down by not having a great offer... that's why we're bonusing you this powerful 1-day training where you learn the 7 Elements of an Effective Offer. You'll never be stumped about pricing, inclusions, bonuses, guarantees and creating compelling offers again!

TOTAL VALUE (including Bonuses): Over $2750!

YOUR Investment: Just $297 (with HerBusiness Membership)

(or $497 for Non Members)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Simply complete this training, utilise all the resources and exercises and if you're not completely satisfied, let us know within 30 days of completing the training and we will give you a 100%, no-questions-asked refund.

Totally Risk Free Investment!

About Your Course Presenter

Michelle Falzon, Director of We are Content, has more than 25 years experience in marketing and communications – from her early days in TV, radio and press through to event marketing for many big name speakers and more than 15 years as a digital marketer. 

Michelle's marketing campaigns and strategies have involved the sending of well in excess of 100 million emails and the production of more than 100 digital marketing funnels, attracting more than 50,000 people to live events and tens of thousands more into webinars, ebooks, online courses and other lead magnet opt-ins, generating more than $40 million in revenue for a variety of industries from personal development, education, finance, hospitality, property, IT and more.

She is an in-demand speaker and teacher on the topics of content marketing, email marketing and communication and she is co-host of the Content Sells Podcast.

What others say about Michelle's trainings...

One of the best courses I have ever done...

"This is one of the best short courses I have ever done..seriously..and I have done a LOT! I think it's because there are a lot of clear steps to take and a lot of real, practical and doable action steps that produce a result . It really has been brilliant on many levels and I love Michelle, how your expertise and experience shines through."

Dina Bonke, NSW

The most valuable training I've done since launching my business...

"I was hesitant about joining the course because we have only just launched our new website, but I have found it to be the most valuable training that I have done since we launched our business, so thank you so much for the opportunity to have taken part in this fantastic seminar."

Heather Gatland, NZ

Opened up a whole new world...

"We love the course and I have found so much more info because of this course - it has opened up a whole new world."

Sven Myer


"This has been one of the best series I've seen on the topic. Michelle has done a fabulous job."

Denise Beecroft

Your passion and experience Shine like a BEACON...

"Stunning material, Michelle, fantastic content you're offered & covered a great deal - I am very very grateful and very very appreciative thank you! Your passion enthusiasm commitment and experience Shine like a BEACON!"

David Taylor

I'm a lot clearer now...

"The given information is very valuable and I'm a lot clearer now. You have a wonderul way to teach. I'm a newbie to all the digital funneling, CRM, ... and it can be overwhelming at times. Thanks again."

Nicole Lordan Schlumpf

Great value indeed!

"I've just completed the Lead Magnet crash course today. Wow, great value indeed and such a big eye opener!! "

Xavier Mercier

Clear information...

"I am super impressed with your clear information, generous style and warmth."

Juliet Jordan

Loved, loved, loved the course. Thank you.

"Thank you for the wonderful response to attendees questions. They offer the next level of detail as they are contextualised to their situation."

Tess Brook

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