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Here's How You Can Reach More People, Clarify Your Message and Finally Feel More Focused and Ready for Growth in Your Business

Grow Your Network Get New Clients Workshop
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Get the 3-Step System for getting more clients faster, with less cost and without wasting your time.  

Discover the MOST under-utilised way you can get more of your ideal clients for WAY less cost and hassle, right now. 

The goal of this workshop is simple:  

To help you easily discover how to make the most of one of the fastest, lowest-cost ways you can get MORE clients now.  

In this workshop I’ll show you:  

  • How to COMMUNICATE THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU DO so that you have a waitlist of people wanting to become your clients.  
  • How to BUILD YOUR PROFILE in an authentic way that has people know, like and trust you.  
  • And, how to EASILY CREATE MOMENTUM and flourish in your business, getting better and better results each year, working with your ideal clients and always having A STEADY FLOW OF NEW CUSTOMERS.

Because getting more clients doesn't have to be hard… and expensive. 

When you follow our three-part system, it’s going to immediately help you build a network that creates profits and surrounds you with interesting clients you want to work with.

Bonus Worksheets to Help You Grow Your Network

Connection Ready Evaluation - Spread
The Connection Blueprint - Spread
Connection Statement Template Spread

Start getting MORE Clients and MORE Results & Rewards TODAY!

In this FREE Training You Will See How You Can EASILY:

  • Always have a waitlist of prospects ready to buy your product or service… 
  • Clearly communicate your value, charge the prices you're worth and ask for the sale…
  • Have a rich and ready-made network of people who give you referrals and introduce you to awesome clients…
  • Get in front of more of your ideal clients and know EXACTLY what to say to win the sale...
  • Build your profile in an authentic way that has people know, like and trust you…
  • Clarify your message and find a way to communicate how awesome your product or service REALLY is, so you can show your point of difference...
  • Consistently get new clients… all WITHOUT spending a lot of money and without needing any high-tech equipment or expensive consultants…
  • Get a step-by-step process for creating a network of referrals, clients and advocates for your business…
  • Get the right support people around you...
  • Create a steady flow of qualified prospects for your business…
  • Feel more comfortable and engaged talking about the value you can bring to others…

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Get MORE New Clients today

Hey there,  

I love building networks!  

In fact, my last business was a network of over 100,000 people who loved personal development and personal finance training, who connected with each other at events and did business and even real estate deals together.  

And HerBusiness — has grown from a network of a few hundred people to a community of thousands of women. 

And here is a really important difference for you to understand...

I have built networks...  

But, I’ve always hated traditional networking...

AND I consider myself an introvert.

And still, I’ve built numerous large networks of people who are doing business together and getting great results turning their networks into profits and making a real contribution.  

Suzi Dafnis - CEO, HerBusiness

BECAUSE... I didn’t just create a network... I created a CONNECTION network.  

In this free ONLINE Workshop I'll share my three-part system to creating a network of people who you regularly do business with, are in contact with and who regularly gie you practical help and support.  

And, you'll never, ever feel salesy or smarmy. Here's to doing what you love,

Suzi Dafnis, CEO - HerBusiness and Creator of the Connection Blueprint™

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