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If you’ve ever struggled to explain what you do or attract new clients, I have A PROCESS THAT WORKS… and it doesn’t require ANY cold calling, being on all the social media channels or even having an email list.

Suzi Dafnis - CEO, HerBusiness

By the end of this Grow Your Network Get New Clients Workshop, you’ll know how to get NEW CLIENTS and have a constant stream of REFERRALs and new leads without feeling like you're being salesy.

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Normally $397.

Now, Just $79. (An 80% saving.)

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Yes! I Want New Clients!

Here’s the frustrating part as a business owner…

Here's the FRUSTRATING part as a business owner...

You're REALLY good at helping your clients get RESULTS... you just need MORE clients to help.

But attracting clients the "old way" isn't working.

Cranking out NON-STOP social media content on ALL the channels swallows up ALL your time, feels OVERWHELMING, and quite frankly, hasn't yielded the RESULTS you want.

Plus, GROWING your email list feels like a SLOW GRIND, and even when you are in front of potential clients, the dreaded "what do you do?" question turns you into a BLABBERING mess.

You've likely muttered to friends afterwards... "I never know what to say when people ask me that."


You're not alone in this. But, the CHALLENGE is that IGNORING the problem doesn't work either.

Finding new clients is FUNDAMENTAL to growing your business. If you don't find new clients, the business STALLS. And that can DESTROY your confidence, leading to you QUESTIONING the whole business.

That's not a place you want to be.

The GOOD NEWS is that I have THE PLAN to help you effortlessly ATTRACT and RETAIN new clients.

Lesson 1: 3 Steps to Getting New Clients

Lesson 2: Turn Connections Into Clients

Lesson 3: The Connection Blueprint

In fact, this plan often leads your clients to become FANATICAL referral partners (which makes attracting the RIGHT clients even EASIER).

And in this Netflix-style-watch-now experience… in just under three hours… I will give you this exact Client-Attraction Plan… coach you through IMPLEMENTING each part of the plan… and by the end of the course, you’ll have everything you need to land your next client.

  • Lesson 1: 3 Steps to Getting New Clients
  • Lesson 2: Turn Connections Into Clients (without being pushy)
  • Lesson 3: The Connection Blueprint

I BELIEVE in this so much that I will BACK it up! If you give it an HONEST effort, IMPLEMENT the simple daily steps, and follow the plan, you will get your next client, or I'll give you your MONEY BACK.

I'm not sure how much a client is worth to you.

But I'm pretty CONFIDENT that landing your next client will be worth MANY times the $79 INVESTMENT you'll make in this workshop.

Normally $397. Get it now for just $79. (An 80% saving).

The goal of this Grow Your Network Get New Clients Workshop is simple.

I want to show you one of the fastest, lowest-cost ways to get MORE clients now because your next client is just one connection away.

In this workshop, you will:

  • COMMUNICATE YOUR VALUE - Learn my simple and effective way to communicate what you do without rambling, fumbling over words, or sounding like a slimy salesperson.
  • ATTRACT THE RIGHT PEOPLE - Get my simple three-step method to GET MORE IDEAL CUSTOMERS, even if you've been inconsistent up until now or you just haven't attracted the right clients.
  • TURN THINGS AROUND - and MOVE OUT OF PROCRASTINATION and back into MOMENTUM, even if you had a downturn in business in the last year and even if your confidence has been knocked around, and you're finding things hard. This will turn things around for your business.
  • FIND THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS and know how to TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WITH CONFIDENCE, even if you’re shy and introverted and feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there.

The Grow Your Network, Get New Clients Workshop is a $397 Value. For Just $79. That's an 80% saving!

Following my simple client-getting coaching steps (the same ones I usually reserve ONLY for high-paying clients) will help you formulate your message immediately. People will understand what you do and how you can help them, and you'll have more people buying.

You'll also build a network of connections, referrers and collaborators so that you can create the impact, the income and the results you want.

Start getting MORE Clients and MORE Results & Rewards TODAY!

In this workshop, you will see how you can EASILY:

  • ALWAYS have a WAITLIST of prospects READY to buy your product or service...
  • CLEARLY communicate your value, CHARGE the prices you're WORTH, and ASK for the sale...
  • Have a RICH and ready-made NETWORK of people who give you REFERRALS and introduce you to AWESOME clients...
  • Get in front of MORE of your ideal clients and know EXACTLY what to say to WIN the sale...
  • BUILD your PROFILE in an authentic way that has people KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you…

Plus, you’ll: 

  • CLARIFY your message and find a way to COMMUNICATE how AWESOME your product or service REALLY is so that you can show your POINT of DIFFERENCE...
  • CONSISTENTLY get NEW clients... all WITHOUT spending a lot of MONEY and without needing any HIGH-TECH equipment or expensive CONSULTANTS...
  • Get a STEP-BY-STEP process for creating a NETWORK of referrals, clients, and advocates for your business...
  • Get the RIGHT SUPPORT from people around you...
  • Create a STEADY FLOW of qualified prospects for your business...
  • Feel more COMFORTABLE and ENGAGED talking about the VALUE you can bring to others...

Plus, $347 in FREE Bonuses

Bonus Implementation Worksheets

Implementation Worksheets

Get three BONUS implementation worksheets and blueprints. These give you step-by-step instructions. And that's important because now you can do this on your own with confidence, and you'll know what to say and when. You’ll never feel like you don’t know what to do next.

A $250 value.

The Connection Blueprint

The Connection Blueprint

The Connection Blueprint has helped businesswomen get crystal clear on how to position themselves and how to communicate their value so that new contacts naturally want to buy from them.
It can help you win thousands of dollars in business without a lot of stress and without feeling like you need to be pushy.

A $97 Value

The Best Part…

The best part is that you'll experience the same 'aha' moments as other women who are growing and scaling a business and who are likely coming across the same challenges as you when getting new clients.

Michelle Hayes

“We all win!”

“I took away that when we can help each other and support each other as women in business, we all win.”

Michelle Hayes
Strategic Success and Mindset Coach

Anne-Maree Wilshire


“Suzi. You are such a powerful model of Show Up, Speak Up and Lift Up and inspiring us to do this.”

Anne Maree Wilshire
Vibrant Voices

Kris Urquhart

“This is money!”

“I used Suzi’s ‘show up’ strategy when returning a missed call. I was thinking “hey, this could be money” and it was!

Kris Urquhart
Natural Awakenings Magazine

Ros Lockley

“I’m motivated, not scared.”

“So scary to put myself out there but motivated after watching.

Ros Lockley

Get Instant Access to the Get New Clients Workshop

What Other Business Owners Say

Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial
Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial
Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial
Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial
Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial
Get New Clients Coaching Week Testimonial

Replicate These Incredible Results in Your Business

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? I’ll share exactly how these women (and more) are growing their businesses using our HerBusiness system — a tested process that will maximise your efforts from beginning to end.

"A waitlist of clients"

Marketer Amey Lee of Heart Content has a waitlist of clients ready to do business with her.

"Word-of-mouth leads"

Website developer Karen Parish is having her BEST YEAR EVER, getting WORD-OF-MOUTH clients.

"Perfect buyers"

Copywriting Coach Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters found the PERFECT BUYERS for her new online course.

"Facebook Group Members"

Stylist Fiona Keary has gained 100s OF NEW FACEBOOK GROUP MEMBERS without spending $$$$ on advertising.

"$48,000 from Referrals"

Digital marketing agency owner Loren Bartley has generated over $48,000 IN SALES FROM REFERRALS.

Here's what's Inside the Grow Your Network, Get New Clients Workshop…

In short video lessons, I will walk you through the behind-the-scenes steps to getting new clients and growing your network of contacts, even if you live in regional or rural parts of the country.

I'll share practical business growth tips and strategies that I usually ONLY share with my inner circle of HerBusiness Network members.

I'll give you our proven system for making meaningful connections (these strategies work even if you're an introvert), and you'll see how YOU can grow your network and business without going to icky networking events, or ever feeling slimy or salesy.

Suzi Dafnis

You Will See How You Can EASILY:

  • Always have A WAITLIST OF CLIENTS ready to buy your product or service... even if up until now you haven't been able to FIND the RIGHT PEOPLE.
  • Go from always giving away free stuff to CONFIDENTLY asking for the sale and GETTING CLIENTS ON BOARD with your products and services.
  • GET MORE REFERRALS and word-of-mouth clients without attracting tyre-kickers.
  • Clearly communicate your value, CHARGE THE PRICES YOU'RE WORTH and ask for the sale... even if you don't find it easy to talk about what you do.
  • Get in front of more of YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS and know EXACTLY what to say to win the sale... without access to a big social media following or email list.
  • TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS authentically that has people know, like and trust you... without ever sounding boring or feel like you're RAMBLING.
  • CLARIFY YOUR MESSAGING and finally communicate how AWESOME your product or service REALLY is, and have clients really see YOUR point of difference.
  • GET NEW CLIENTS CONSISTENTLY WITHOUT SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY and without needing any high-tech equipment or expensive consultants.
  • Create A NETWORK OF REFERRALS and advocates for your business.
  • Develop a steady flow of QUALIFIED PROSPECTS for your business... without attracting tyre-kickers or people who want the free stuff but won't pay you what you're worth.
  • FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE and ENGAGED talking about the value you can bring to others... differentiating yourself and clearly communicating what you sell and how you get results for your clients.

I’m going to show you one of THE MOST under-utilised ways you can get more of your ideal clients.

I've also prepared $347 in FREE BONUSES - including some cool easy-to-use templates and worksheets that let you create your own Connection Network.

Get Instant Access to the Get New Clients Workshop

Land Your Next Client Or Your Money Back

If you’ve made an honest effort to implement the Client-Attraction Plan and don't feel like you have the tools to get new clients without hustling, I’ll refund every cent.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Come with me behind the scenes of growing a five multi-million dollar, sustainable businesses.

Hey there,

I'm Suzi Dafnis and each year I work with thousands of women to help them grow and scale sustainable businesses.

In this workshop, I'm taking YOU behind-the-scenes of the SAME strategies that helped me build FIVE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES with 45 staff from scratch.

I'm giving you my three-part system to create a network of people who you regularly do business with, are in contact with and who regularly give you practical help and support.

This is the same system that has allowed thousands of HerBusiness Network Members to:

  • Fill online courses and webinars
  • Grow their Facebook Groups without advertising
  • Have their best year ever in one of the hardest economic climates in recent history
  • Take offline businesses online
  • Increase their prices
  • Work with more of their ideal clients
  • Go from working 1:1 to 1:many

... all without any special technology, long lead times or big budgets.

Suzi Dafnis
Suzi Dafnis - In the Media

The Grow Your Network, Get New Clients System is the difference between why some businesswomen have a rich and ready-made network of people who give them referrals and introduce them to awesome clients — while others are isolated, feeling alone and disconnected.

And why do some women always have a waitlist of prospects ready to buy their product or service without them having to do a lot of marketing and scrambling — while others don’t know where to turn for their next client?

And you'll never feel salesy or smarmy when using this system.

I can't wait to get started. See you there.

Suzi Dafnis — CEO, HerBusiness

Get Instant Access to the Get New Clients Workshop

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