Let Me Help You Finally Create a Profitable Six and 7-Figure Business that Gives YOU the Impact, Income and Results You Want -

even if you've struggled to grow your business up until now.

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Join the HerBusiness Network - The Most Collaborative and Supportive Community for Women Ready to Grow a Six and 7-Figure Business without the Burnout or Overwhelm.

Suzi Dafnis

Hi there! Suzi here and I am so thrilled to let you know the HerBusiness Network is now OPEN — just for you!

Inside the Network, I'm helping women create a business that gives them the income, the impact and the results that they want.

Want to join us?

I'd love to connect you with the amazing network of women who will become your clients, your referrers, your biggest champions.

Inside the Network, you'll get the focus, clarity, confidence and support you need to succeed in your business and start living the lifestyle you love – every. single. day.  

It all starts with a simple step.

It starts with taking action and becoming a part of the HerBusiness Network.

We have bundled together over $32,259 in additional bonuses for you.

But, this offer is only available until 9 June at Midnight AEST.  

I hope to see you in the network.


PS After more than 28 years in business growing five of my own highly successful multi-million dollar businesses — in products and services, online and offline, from my spare room to offices in three countries and 45 staff — and helping thousands of women from across hundreds of industries here's what I know.…

It's much easier to grow a successful six and 7-figure business when you have a Connection Network, a strategy and access to resources and support right when you need them.

Things happen a lot faster and it's a lot more fun :-)  

PPS Got questions? Use the LIVE CHAT on this page or call us on 1300 720 120 (within Australia) or +612 8332 5400.

HerBusiness Network Members See Amazing Growth in Their Businesses Year on Year

Frances Pratt - Kiss to Sell

Fran's sales came as a result of showing up and getting involved

“What I love most are the enduring friendships. When you engage, the transactions come as a result of the connections." 

“What I love most about are the enduring friendships that I've made with other members. The transactions come as a result of the connections. I've seen a massive boost in the last 12 months.

We've seen over $32,475 in business, working with other members.  

When you engage more, you create more relationships and then the opportunities come.  

So if you show up, you engage, you're curious, you get involved.

Involvement isn't about talking about yourself. It's about helping other people.”

Frances Pratt, Metisan

Natasha Hawker - Employee Matters

Natasha Hawker has generated over $123,236 in sales

The relationships have developed over time and clients keep coming back and using us again and again!” 

"The Roundtables were absolutely instrumental to me. I met awe-inspiring women who became clients.  

I'm always trying to connect people that I think should know each other - and I get very excited about it.

We've generated over $123,236 in business from working with HerBusiness members.  

Those relationships developed over time and they keep coming back and using us again and again."

Natasha Hawker, Employee Matters

Amey Lee

Amey Lee has a waitlist of clients ready to do business with her

“In the last 12 months, more than 50% of my clients have come from HerBusiness members and their referrals.” 

“I've been very active in the members' Facebook Group and the Network in general, running Masterclasses, attending Roundtables, communicating with other members.  

And as a direct result, I've won clients and met other HerBusiness members who have referred clients to me. I've referred clients to them. My business has grown.  

I've become more confident in running my business and in playing a bigger game than I was playing before I was a member."

Amey Lee, Heart Content

The HerBusiness Network Goes Beyond “Just Connections”

The HerBusiness Network

You will almost immediately discover others who are eager to do business with you inside the HerBusiness Network

And yes, we have members who are generating significant revenue from those relationships (as will you). But it’s more than that.  

As a woman growing and scaling your business, you need (and want) more than that. You want a safe place to ask questions and get trusted answers. 

And not random answers from people who don’t “get" you or understand what you're doing in your business.  

You want answers from other women who have been where you are and have successfully gone to the next level. You want answers from women who have SUCCESSFULLY SCALED their business... from 5 figures to 6 and now looking to go from 6 figures to 7! 

And you want support from women who are in the thick of growing a business while simultaneously managing family and outside commitments... all without sacrificing their health.  

But doing all that is not easy. However, it can be done. And it can be done successfully as you'll find out from the women in our incredible community.  

Beyond that, sometimes we just need someone in our corner cheering us on when things are rocking and someone holding us accountable to stay on track when things are not.  

That’s what the HerBusiness Network has been UNIQUELY DESIGNED to do.

Faster Results in Your Business. More income, results and impact and Less Stress and Overwhelm

HerBusiness Has Been Specifically Designed To Give You The Support Where You Need It Most

Here’s what’s included...

HerBusiness Network - Logo

Immediate Momentum:
Start Creating YOUR ideal business!

When you join the HerBusiness Network you immediately start to make progress towards your goals.

Every month we dive deep into an essential area of your business - providing you with a roadmap and a Growth Guide and Plan that gives you the exact resources (training sessions to watch or listen to, worksheets to complete, implementation challenges to take part in) that get you immediate progress in your business.

So, you become stronger in all parts of your business — and create

  • Sales & marketing that gives you reliable results
  • Systems that help you leverage your time and boost your productivity
  • Products and services that your ideal clients will love (and buy)
  • Plans that have you feel focused and on track with your goals
  • A strategy for your people, money, technology
  • Plus the support with mindset and confidence that can make the biggest difference to YOU and your results (this is our secret sauce).

PLUS, you are connected to and attract a powerful network of awesome business owners around you — Your Connection Network — who will give you exactly what you’re after - a steady flow of your ideal clients, referrals, advisers, strategic alliances.

Your HerBusiness Network Membership includes THOUSANDS of dollars in value for an investment of LESS than $20 a week:

HerBusiness Network - Roundtables


Online Roundtables — Our popular monthly online Roundtable sessions give you the opportunity to brainstorm your business with other like-minded, savvy women.  

And they help you get new clients. 

Imagine having your own sounding board and support network you could meet with monthly, to help you solve your biggest business challenges and give you the inspiration you need to take the next big leap in your business.

Value: $2,340


Masterclasses and Workshops — Get the benefit of learning from the brilliance of other women in the community AND from specially-invited experts who share what they know and answer all your questions. Develop all the skills that really help you step more and more into the role of the leader in your business, working more ON your business with more clarity and focus, than IN it.

Value: $1,416

HerBusiness Network - Masterclasses

HerBusiness Network - Hot Seats


Hot Seats We walk through a member’s business, giving a part of their business a needed makeover. This is where we lend our expertise to answer your questions...like helping you better identify your ideal client so that it's easier for you to find them.

The Hot Seat critique gives members sound advice and recommendations that can make all the difference - sometimes the simplest change can help you to quickly get unstuck.

Value: $762


RoundUps — Just as we start the month powerfully with our Roundtables, we like to finish the month strong with our HerBusiness RoundUp. 

It’s so important to stop and reflect, to celebrate our achievements and to look at where we fell short. So whether you've hit a milestone, had a record month, or would like to share something with our network... we want to cheer you on and celebrate your progress.  

The RoudUps give you that built-in time each month to exhale, refocus and be ready to start the next month full of energy, direction and clarity.

Value: $1,067

HerBusiness Network - Monthly Roundup

HerBusiness Book Club


As a HerBusiness Network Member, 3-4 times a year you’ll get a best-selling business book, hand-picked by me.

We'll work through each book together - pulling out insights to help you implement the book's content in a way that makes sense for your business.

The books are specially selected to help you grow your business, get new clients, generate more leads, make more connections, and streamline your marketing and messaging to reach more people.

Value: $197

The HerBusiness Network Members Facebook Group

This members-only online group is a place for you to connect, meet, and share ideas with your fellow HerBusiness Network members… and where your Connection Network of new clients and suppliers will come to life.

Our online Facebook group is also a place to try out your new ideas, road test new pricing, products and services; and get free feedback and advice.

Value: Priceless

HerBusiness Network Facebook Group

The HerBusiness Hub

The HerBusiness Hub

The HerBusiness Hub is your ‘home’ inside the HerBusiness Network. Here you start to build your Connection Network, access all your resources, and get information about all our upcoming activities and member-only offers.  

The Hub is where you join the Member Directory, and access member-only promotional opportunities for your business - including free advertisements in our newsletter (This is a great way to get your message out to thousands of HerBusiness subscribers and social media followers, completely free of charge!)

Plus you get access to Worksheets, Templates, our extensive Learning Library and so much more - all absolutely free as part of your HerBusiness Network membership.

Value: Over $4,000

Thousands of dollars in value for just $97 a month (cancel any time) or SAVE $194 AUD with Annual Membership.

This offer is genuinely limited!
We only have membership open for a limited time.

Yes, I want to join the HerBusiness Network

($97 AUD per month, cancel any time)
I'd like to save $194 AUD and join with an Annual Membership

HURRY. Last Time For This Special Pricing.


(Doors CLOSE Friday, 9 June 2023 at Midnight AEST.)

Plus over $32,259 in FREE Bonuses


Join Suzi Dafnis as she works with you through the Show Up, Speak Up and Lift Up moves, along with other resources and worksheets to help you create your own Connection Network Plan.  

This self-paced online program will give you a TON of clarity about where you’re going and at the end of this course, you'll have your own Connection Blueprint clearly mapped out. (Recorded so you can watch any time.)

Value: $795

Grow Your Network Course

Online Learning Library

BONUS #2 - Online Learning Library

Get access to an existing library of Masterclasses and webinars - more than 300 online training sessions with the world's most prominent business experts, including Guy Kawasaki, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Mike Michalowicz, Daniel Pink and marketer Seth Godin.  

Topics range from how to generate leads, to hiring, using social media effectively, running Facebook ads, creating lead magnets, building profitable online courses … and much more.  

This always-available online library makes it easy for you to dip in any time you want, from wherever you want.

Value: $29,100

Goals Groups — Your Own Accountability Group 

HerBusiness Goals Groups give you the opportunity to meet and work with other members who become your peer mentors, supporting and encouraging you, and giving you accountability to achieve your goals.

When you have a Connection Network of like-minded businesswomen who understand what you’re trying to achieve - who want to see you win and who are there to help ensure you get results - you'll find their support makes all the difference.

Goals Group members encourage each other, challenge each other, and hold each other accountable for their goals both individually and as a group.

Value: $2,364

Goals Groups


From "Stuck to Soaring" Business Growth Experience

From "Stuck to Soaring" Business Growth Experience

There are many important areas to focus on as you grow a sustainable six or 7-figure business. But trying to do them all the time is crazy-making. So, which areas do you focus on right now and which ones make more sense to do later? That's what this special bonus will show you.

Here's what we include in this experience:

  • The HerBusiness Growth Audit — This in-depth diagnostic takes out all the guesswork of what to focus on next and gives you an EXACT step-by-step crystal clear 59-page personalised PLAN for what you need to focus on now. Turn down the overwhelm. Turn up the clarity and the results you're getting for your effort and energy. And who doesn't want that! An $800 value.
  • The "Stuck to Soaring" Coaching Masterclass — Once you have your Business Growth Audit results, you're all set for this Masterclass where I'll help you to decipher your personalised results to move forward faster; get your unique strategy, and go from "stuck to soaring" — creating a profitable business that you love.

An $1,800 Value

That’s more than $32,259 in bonus value - yours as a special gift when you take up this Special Offer.

This offer is genuinely limited!
We only have membership open for a limited time (and only for you because you took part in HerBusiness LIVE).

HURRY. Last Time For This Special Pricing.

(Doors CLOSE Friday, 9 June 2023 at Midnight AEST)

Who is the HerBusiness Network for?

THE HerBusiness Network IS NOT FOR YOU if…

  • You want a “get rich quick” solution - While membership DOES help you get where you want to go FASTER and EASIER, it’s not a magic bullet. You still need to put in the effort and realise it’s a journey. 
  • You don’t already have a business - The HerBusiness Network is for women who are already in business - even if you're in your first year or two and you have a product or service that you want to sell. And that’s because HerBusiness is a network where you can meet like-minded women who are dealing with similar issues who can offer support and who you can learn alongside.
  • You’re not an action-taker - While your HerBusiness Network Membership steps you through the process to create your own Connection Network… and we give you ALL the support you need to take action, ultimately that final step is yours. If you aren’t prepared to take action and you want a 100% “done for you” solution... then this is not for you.
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself - You are the MOST important asset in your business… So if you are NOT ready to invest TIME, ENERGY & MONEY in YOURSELF, the HerBusiness Network is not for you.
  • You don’t see the value in relationships - The HerBusiness Network is built on relationships, trust and community. If you’re thinking of this opportunity as a place where you can be ‘transactional’ and not ‘connected’ then the HerBusiness Network is DEFINITELY not for you.
  • Your mind is made up - I know from experience, that when I have a fixed position about something - and my mind is made up - then I am usually proven right. If however, I approach something new with an open mind and a fresh approach, I am more often than not pleasantly surprised. If you believe you know exactly how this is going to turn out - and it’s not a good result that you have in your vision - and you want me to ‘prove’ something to you - then the HerBusiness Network is NOT for you.

The HerBusiness Network IS FOR YOU If...

  • You want to reach more people and have more success in your business (even if you haven’t been getting the results you know are possible).
  • You’re growing and getting clients, but you’re feeling disorganised, and you need access to suppliers and alliances and people to help organise you while you scale. 
  • You’d like more clarity on how to position yourself and communicate your value.
  • You’ve been in business for a while and you want some support. You’ve realised doing it “all on your own” can be tough and you’re ready to find a supportive, positive community of other women in business who are growing and learning too.
  • You know the “organic” growth that got you here, won’t get you where you want to go next and you need to do things differently so you can grow in a way that gives you more time and freedom.
  • You’re done with working as hard as you are for the return you’re getting. You know there’s a better, smarter way to get more from your business without having to DO more, exhausting yourself and taking precious time away from the other things you love to do.
  • You know there is massive potential in your business but have a "Confidence Block" about taking that next step to grow.
  • It's time to get the right systems and processes in place so that you don't need to be involved in every decision and get sucked back into "busy" work.
  • You want to feel confident that you're making good decisions about the projects to take on and know which ones are just 'bright shiny' distractions.
  • You wish you could 'Let Go' and trust people to delegate to, but so much of the business relies on your knowledge and expertise.

Go Ahead and Join the HerBusiness Network Now, Before the Doors Close.

Once you click the button to join, here’s what will happen:

  • You'll choose either Monthly Membership ($97 a month, cancel any time) or Annual Membership (save $194). 
  • You'll then see a Welcome Video that gives you your next steps. (I think you'll love the welcome we have prepared for you. Your fellow members are SO looking forward to meeting you.)
  • Next, you'll join the AWESOME HerBusiness Network Members Facebook Group, introduce yourself to other women, and start to create your Connection Network

It’s that easy! Your journey to growing your business will begin the moment you click the Join button, as you access your BONUS gifts, HerBusiness resources and our support straight away!


100% NO RISK Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 If you're not completely satisfied with your HerBusiness Membership, let us know within 30 days and you'll get a 100% no-questions-asked refund. This is a 100% Risk Free Investment for you.

What Women Say About How HerBusiness Impacts Their Business Success

Loren Bartley - Impactiv8

Loren Bartley generated OVER $84,718 working directly with other Network Members!

I've generated $84,718.66 in business revenue from within the community.

"I developed services over time, and to an extent based on the feedback I was getting from people in the network about what would be of value to them as business owners.  

I've been a member of HerBusiness since 2016, and since then,  I've generated $84,718.66 in business revenue from within the community.

And that is not even including the additional business that has come from referrals from members. 

That's a decent return on investment for the membership price over the years."

Loren Bartley, Impactiv8

Zoe Heard

“I got a 2400% return on my membership in just four months”

Why HerBusiness is Zoe’s best business investment.

“As a business owner, there’s always the pressure of always having to bring in new clients. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

So, when you get a surprising 2400% return on the time and money, you put into something… it’s happy days.

I've sold $24,990 worth of projects in 18 months (actually 10 working months).

HerBusiness members have represented a significant portion of my income. And everyone has been delightful to work with.

Yes, it’s true! The HerBusiness membership has been the greatest investment in my business.”

Zoe Heard, Get Heard

Tracey Bode

Tracey Bode found incredible SUPPLIERS and support for her growing business

“We had our biggest year ever last year and members have become my go-to resource.”

Tracey tapped into the network to find essential help for her growing business finding a sales trainer, bookkeeper, automation expert, copywriter and web designer to help her manage her growing business.  

"I have taken advantage of working with a number of HerBusiness members and they are now my go-to resource as I need extra help in the growth phase of the business. 

We had our biggest year ever last year and over the past two years our team size has almost doubled."

Tracey Bode, Zyteq

YES! I’m Ready to Join the HerBusiness Network, So I Can Get More Clients, More Connections and Create My Ideal Business

I understand with this limited-time HerBusiness Network Membership SPECIAL OFFER I’ll be getting:

  • Monthly Roundtable Sessions
  • Masterclasses and Training
  • Private Member-Only Online Group
  • HerBusiness Hub - Online Resource Area with Templates + Worksheets
  • FREE! HerBusiness Book Club ($197 value)
  • PLUS RoundUp Calls

And over $32,259 in BONUSES!  

  • FREE! Grow Your Network Course ($795 value)
  • FREE! Online Learning Library of over 300 training courses ($29,100 value)
  • From "Stuck to Soaring" Business Growth Experience ($1,800 value)
  • Goals Group for Accountability and Further Support ($2,364 value)


… when you take the annual payment option. Hurry. Last time at this low price.

About Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness and Creator of the Connection Blueprint™

Suzi Dafnis - Collage

Suzi Dafnis is an award-winning entrepreneur* with more than 25 years of experience starting, building and growing successful businesses. She’s personally grown several multi-million dollar businesses, from scratch, in the areas of publishing, events, education and business development throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

And she’s supported hundreds of thousands of people around the world to grow better businesses, build their skills as leaders and create lives they love.

Suzi is a sought after thought leader who has been featured on Channel 7, CBS, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Financial Review, BRW, the Daily Telegraph, Dynamic Business and MyBusiness Magazine and countless radio networks and online publications.

Suzi has spoken on stage in New York City, Rio, Hanoi, Phoenix and throughout Australia and New Zealand and was an original ‘Dragon’ on Network 7’s Dragon’s Den (the pre-cursor to Shark Tank) in 2005.

She’s also the host of multiple successful podcasts - the HerBusiness Podcast and the Content Sells Podcast, the co-facilitator Marketing Success Mastermind program and the creator of the MentorMe Mentoring program.

As CEO of HerBusiness for the past 28 years Suzi has fulfilled her passion for helping women in business rise to their potential.

Suzi is the Creator of the Connection Blueprint™, which brings together her extensive experience in growing multiple large networks and helping women business owners do the same.

  • Telstra Business Women’s Award Finalist - 2019 and 2002
  • HACCI - Woman of Influence Award - Winner 2018
  • Top 10 Business Leaders Online (BrandData) – 2016
  • City of Sydney Business Awards – Winners 2011 (Finalists 2012)
  • HerBusiness Blog – Best Australian Blogs — Winner 2013 (Business Category), Top 20 Business Blogs
  • Best Australian Blogs Award for HerBusiness Blog (Winner) – 2013
  • LearnX – Best Online Mentoring Program (Winner) – 2011
  • Ernst & Young - Finalist - Entrepreneur of the Year - 2003
  • BRW Young Rich List (BRW Magazine) – 2003 to 2007

"If I could buy stock in people, I would be investing in Suzi"

Building a business is full of ups and downs. And every level of success brings another set of challenges you must face. Those who last the test of time are the ones who are able to face adversity and find a way to keep moving forward.

Suzi Dafnis is one of those people. And if there were a way to buy stock in people, I would be investing in her. 

Not only has she had success building a multi-national company generating 8 figures in revenue, but she did it by figuring out how to develop systems and processes to help her team thrive. She recognised that a process-driven business will go further and faster and will give her the space to lead.

Suzi is kind and gentle yet strong and direct. And it’s this balance that draws people in and keeps them glued to every word. 

Stu McLaren
Founder, The Membership Experience

This offer is genuinely limited!
We only have membership open for a limited time.

($97 AUD per month, cancel any time)
I'd like to save $194 AUD and join with an Annual Membership

HURRY. Last Time For This Special Pricing.


(Doors CLOSE Friday, 9 June 2023 at Midnight AEST.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in HerBusiness Network Membership?

Your HerBusiness Membership includes: 

  • Monthly Roundtable Networking and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Private HerBusiness Connections Member-Only Online Group
  • HerBusiness Hub - Online Resource Area with Business and Marketing Templates + Worksheets
  • RoundUp Calls (Networking and Accountability sessions)
  • Masterclasses and Hot Seats
  • From "Stuck to Soaring" Business Growth Experience ($1,800 value)
  • Your Own Goals Group for accountability and further support ($2,364 value)
  • The HerBusiness Book Club ($197 value)
  • A 100% RISK-FREE 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • PLUS: BONUSES (Worth over $32,259 — The Grow Your Network course ($795 Value) + Online Learning Library (200+ trainings - $29,100 Value) — PLUS Special Bonus: the "From Stuck to Soaring" Business Growth Experience (a $1,800 Value).

How do I know if I'm eligible for membership?

HerBusiness Network is designed for women who have an operating business in which they are the owner or part owner. It is not ideal for those who are yet to start their business, or who predicted revenues of less than $100,000 in the next financial year.

While both men and women are eligible to participate in the program, the network is 99.99999% ;-) women.  

Members are located all over Australia, New Zealand and increasingly around the world including Canada, the USA, Singapore and across Europe.

When are the Member meetings held?  

The HerBusiness Network meetings are conveniently held online (allowing you to easily access the network from anywhere) and main sessions are also recorded and made available to you to watch at any time so that you can dive any time that suits your schedule:  

YOUR BONUS: Grow Your Network Course Dates (On-Demand)

This course will help you plan out your Connection Blueprint during your first month with the HerBusiness Network and create your Connection Network Plan so that you can maximise the results you get from your membership.

All sessions of the bonus GROW YOUR BUSINESS training are recorded so you can watch them at any time (though we recommend this is one of the first things you do so that you can start to make the most of your membership, quickly).  

Roundtables, Masterclasses, Hot Seats and Monthly RoundUps  

Our popular monthly Roundtable sessions give you the opportunity to brainstorm your business with other like-minded and savvy women. And they help you get new clients… 

The RoundUp sessions give you that built-in time each month to exhale, refocus and be ready to start the next month full of energy, direction and clarity. 

All sessions are presented live and also recorded and available to watch at any time.  

Masterclasses pre-recorded and delivered to your inbox regularly, allowing you to dive in and listen and learn whenever you are ready. And, we archive your lessons and worksheets so that you can get access to them at any time.

How do I access the HerBusiness Hub and the HerBusiness Connections Facebook Group?

Once you join the HerBusiness Network, you'll get unique access to the HerBusiness Hub - your online Resource and Information Centre, which will house all your resources including any bonuses, the recordings of all the sessions, templates/downloads/worksheets that are yours to use any time. 

You'll also get instant access to the EXCLUSIVE HerBusiness Connections Facebook Group where you can get immediate support and meet and network with the other members.  

Here's what to do next:

  • Choose either Monthly Membership ($97 a month, cancel any time) or Annual Membership (save $194) and enter your details.
  • You'll then see a Welcome Video that gives you your next steps. (I think you'll love the welcome we have prepared for you. Your fellow members are SO looking forward to meeting you.)
  • Next, you'll join the AWESOME HerBusiness Connections Members Facebook Group and introduce yourself to other women, and start to create your Connection Network

It’s that easy and your journey will begin right at that moment as we take care of you and start giving you support straightaway!