HerBusiness LIVE Online
Australia’s Premier Event for Women Growing and Scaling A Business


Make Connections. Brainstorm Business Challenges and Find Solutions. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

HerBusiness LIVE Online
24 August 2021

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SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

Make Connections. Brainstorm Business Challenges and Find Solutions. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

HerBusiness LIVE Online
24 August 2021

SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

HerBusiness LIVE - New Clients and Connections

New Clients and Connections are Waiting For You At HerBusiness LIVE Online

Get ready! Because 24 August is your opportunity to supercharge your knowledge and inspiration at the 2021 HerBusiness LIVE Online Event.  

I’m so excited to give you access to some of the leading women business-owners in Australia – and the chance to learn how they are using INNOVATIVE MARKETING, TECHNOLOGY, PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODELS and THEIR NETWORKS to leapfrog the competition.

At HerBusiness LIVE Online, world-class speakers will reveal how they harnessed powerful thinking, and new and emerging technologies and marketing strategies, to take their businesses to the TOP and how YOU CAN TOO.


It's about seeing OPPORTUNITIES and saying YES, even when you're not 100% sure and EVEN IF you are shy or introverted.

Suzi Dafnis

You’ll hear directly from other women (and a man or two ;-)) about what they are doing to build SUSTAINABLE businesses, do MEANINGFUL WORK, make an IMPACT, increase MARKET share, lower costs, GENERATE LEADS, GET NEW CLIENTS, GROW their businesses and play a BIGGER GAME — all through SPEAKING UP.

You'll get the chance to apply their EXPERT EXPERIENCE to your own business in growth-critical areas such as ONLINE MARKETING, SALES, BUILDING AN COMMUNITY AND AN AUDIENCE, and improving the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE so that you get MORE SALES.

Plus, you'll NETWORK with other businesswomen, benefiting from their insights and experiences.

We've even built-in BUSINESS BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS so that you can address and discuss business issues and challenges that will help FOCUS on the direction of your business. You might even discover potential suppliers and powerful centres of influence – and even get new clients!

This is our 13th all-star all-day seminar for female entrepreneurs and I firmly believe it is a must-attend event for women business owners. 

I look forward to seeing you there on the day!

Suzi Dafnis
CEO, HerBusiness

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Your Investment
$795.00 $295 (A $500 Saving)

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

Get My Savings and Save My Seat

SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

HerBusiness LIVE - Your Keynote Speakers

Your Keynote Speakers

We are currently curating an amazing line-up of keynote presenters, workshop speakers and inspiring panels.

HerBusiness LIVE 2021

HerBusiness LIVE - Event Details




Date and Time

Date and Time

Tuesday, 24 August 2021
9.00 am - 5.30 pm AEST 

Cost to Attend


Normally $795.

Early Bird: $295 (SAVE $500)
(Offer ends 3 August)

HerBusiness LIVE - Mentors and Experts

Make Connections. Meet Mentors and Experts. 

In one power-packed, inspiring day you'll:

  • Discover innovative short-cuts that will propel your business to greater success
  • Make connections and network with like-minded business owners
  • Get access to new clients and referrals
  • Be inspired by real-life examples of how women are growing their businesses
  • Develop your own business growth plan
  • Get more focus and clarity about your next steps  

Plus, you’ll meet leading female entrepreneurs and WORLD-CLASS SPEAKERS.

And here’s the good news...

These women are down-to-earth and will openly share what it’s REALLY like to grow a business, the obstacles they overcome, and the hidden strategies that they’re using every single day and that you can too.  

Discover how women are growing their ideal businesses (without burnout and overwhelm).

Take part in discussions that are directly geared to helping you apply others' business experience to your own business success!

Network with other women business owners all potential suppliers, centres of influence or possible clients!

At the same time, you’ll also get a female perspective on some of the biggest challenges and hottest topics facing small business today and how you can position your business to come out on top.

And it’ll be a whole day away from your day-to-day to work ON your business.

Claim Your Place Today!

Presentations start at 9.00am AEST. Join us for a day of world-class speakers, awesome workshops and networking sessions.

HerBusiness LIVE - Your Keynote Speakers

Hear from world-class speakers and entrepreneurs

HerBusiness LIVE - New Clients and Connections

Get connected with potential clients, suppliers and friends!

HerBusiness LIVE - Mentors and Experts

Real-world stories from other women growing businesses

HerBusiness LIVE - Focus

Get a new direction and your next best business moves!

HerBusiness LIVE - Workshops

Awesome Workshops

HerBusiness LIVE - Virtual Cocktail Hour

Virtual Cocktails
Happy Hour

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Your Investment
$795.00 $295 (A $500 Saving)

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

HerBusiness LIVE - Free Stuff


Over $127 in Bonuses when you register before 3 August

We're creating an amazing day full of surprises and bonuses including your HerBusiness LIVE "SpeakUp" Event Pack loaded with goodies to optimise your HerBusiness LIVE experience. Plus thousands of dollars in door prizes. A $127 value, yours free.

HerBusiness LIVE - Bonuses and Door Prizes

*Images shown are representative only.

HerBusiness LIVE - Your Keynote Speakers

The Keynote Sessions

Shelley Brander

Speak Up and Know Your Worth
Harness the "power of can't" to make your big, impossible dreams a reality

People always ask Shelley Brander what possessed her to leave the successful advertising firm she founded with her husband to open a local yarn store. And then they wonder how that one storefront grew into an e-commerce business. And from there into a global movement to Knit the World Together.

Shelley will share how to:

  • Put your passion first and make your creative side hustle your main gig
  • Recognise the true value of creativity and experimentation
  • Have hope against all odds
  • Surround yourself with supportive people
  • Cut ties with those who weigh you down
  • Believe in the power of your weird, impossible dream!

After a successful career as a copywriter and broadcast producer, creating campaigns for brands like AT&T and Hard Rock, Shelley Brander followed her passion and started an improbable "side hustle"-she opened a local yarn store. She and her team of Loops Troops have since grown Loops into a global brand that's at the forefront of the modern maker movement and includes LoopsLove.com, LoopsClub.com and Knit Stars, a global, online learning adventure. She's on a mission to Knit the World Together. Shelley is also the author of the 2021 release, "Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur."


Sarah Williams

Speak Up And Connect with Your Clients

Sarah Williams didn’t pay herself for more than nine months after opening her monogram shop. She struggled even to keep the doors open. She wasn’t making enough money.

Her situation became even more challenging after her house flooded eight times in three years. Sarah had nowhere to turn for help.

Everything changed after she introduced her “Monogram Box”, a monthly mystery box of goodies, hand picked by Sarah and delivered to her clients, each month.

What started off as a way to create something exclusive and special for her regular customers sold out in the first month and has since exploded!

Today Sarah has multiple, lucrative, recurring revenue streams including a t-shirt club, her “Launch Your Box” membership and a new high-end coaching program.

In this presentation, Sarah reveals her proven system for building connections and nurturing your audience right towards a sale and having them wanting more.

Sarah Williams is the founder of Launch Your Box and the founder of the Framed Monogram Box. The creator of multiple million-dollar subscriptions, Sarah is a down-to-earth, generous entrepreneur. She has stepped up and stepped into her greatness even while feeling a lack of confidence.


Michelle Falzon

Speak Up and Create an Offer That Sells

People don’t buy your product; they buy your offer. And most people are not putting their best foot forward when it comes to making an offer (hint - that’s costing you sales!).

In this workshop with marketing strategist, Michelle Falzon, you will learn how to package your product into an irresistible offer that attracts your ideal client, overcomes objections and gets you more sales at the price you ACTUALLY want to charge, even if you’ve struggled to effectively communicate what you do and get sales momentum in the past.

During this hands-on workshop, you will:

  • Discover the 7 ELEMENTS of a high performing offer
  • Understand what makes the PERFECT bonus (and why you need one)
  • Pinpoint the vital ingredient that is likely MISSING from your current offer
  • Find out how to reverse risk and make it EASIER for people to buy from you
  • Gain confidence speaking up about your offer and sharing it with more people in a more powerful way
  • And much, much more.

In addition to running her own ad agency and event promotion businesses, Michelle Falzon has created content marketing strategies for world-renowned speakers, authors, consultants and businesses in a range of sectors, including marketing, IT, finance, hospitality, education and personal development for over more than two decades, generating over $10 million and attracted tens of thousands of participants.

Michelle is the founder of strategic content marketing consultancy, We Are Content; a sought-after workshop presenter and speaker; co-host of the Content Sells Podcast and co-facilitator of the HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind.


HerBusiness LIVE Online Workshops

HerBusiness LIVE Workshops

Julie Masters

Speak Up and Turn Your Expertise into Real Influence

What does it take to stand out? What does it take to build trust and authority in your space so that you can effectively lead a conversation, an industry or a global movement?

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • What it takes to build authority in your space to lead a conversation
  • The powerful difference between confidence and certainty
  • The three secrets to becoming more influential
  • What it means to be a ‘translator’ for your ideal client
  • And much more

Julie Masters has spent a career decoding influence. As a leading authority in the speaking world, she has earned a reputation for launching and advising some of the world's most respected thought leaders.

Founder and CEO of Influence Nation, working with business leaders (CEOs. speakers, best-selling authors and media personalities) and organisations to become the voice of authority in their space. Julie also hosts the iTunes Top 100 podcast Inside Influence and has won numerous communications industry awards across the USA, Australia and Europe.


Shandra Moran

Finding Your Voice
Creating the Courage and Confidence to Speak Up

Would you like to feel more confident when speaking about your business? Do you hold back from doing videos, podcasts or speaking opportunities - even though you know they would be good for your business?

There are many reasons women in business struggle at times with sharing their message, or don't do, or say the things they would like to… but just because you've struggled in the past doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

Improving your confidence in Speaking Up will help you to expand your network, reach a bigger audience, and grow your business.

'Speaking up' in your business helps you create:

Clarity in your message
Courage to step outside of your comfort zone
Confidence to deliver your message effectively

In this practical workshop session you will:

  • Discover two opposing sides that can stop you from speaking up - and
  • Create ways to get them working in your favour
  • Learn a simple strategy you can apply immediately to stop 'Imposter syndrome' when sharing your message - even if you're new in business.
  • Explore a game-changing 4-part framework you can use to feel confident in any presentation

Come and join this interactive session so you can share your message and grow your business sooner!

Shandra is the founder of The Transit Lounge, a boutique coaching consultancy for women who’ve had a career and now want to start their own successful solo business.

She’s an award-winning promotions and marketing director, Professional Results coach, internationally accredited money breakthrough coach, podcast host and co-author of an international bestselling book ‘Elevate Your Success’.

Shandra is passionate about working with professional women who want to be their own boss - so they can earn great money, doing work they love, without burning out.


HerBusiness LIVE - Mentors and Experts

The “Speak Up” Panel

Our panelists are showing up in their marketing in BIG ways —  getting more clients, becoming better known and stepping into their own power as leaders of their businesses.

Panelists Announced Soon!

HerBusiness LIVE Online 2021 - Schedule

Here's the Schedule

All times are in AEST (Sydney time). Check your timezone.

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

8.45 am – Registration

9.00 am – Morning Session

Opening Address

Keynote Presentations

Morning Break


12.45 pm – Lunch (and Networking)

1.15 pm – Afternoon Session

Keynote Presentations


Afternoon Break

Business Brainstorming and Networking Sessions

5.30 pm – Close

5.30 pm - 6.30pm – Virtual Cocktails and Networking

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Your Investment
$795.00 $295 (A $500 Saving)

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

HerBusiness LIVE - What Others Say

What Others Say About the HerBusiness LIVE Event

HerBusiness LIVE - Facebook Testimonials
HerBusiness LIVE - Facebook Testimonials

I Signed Up A New Client!
“Thanks for making this such a great day. Yesterday, I signed up a new client - a direct result of the day, and I have several more people to see! It was a great experience!”

"I thought it was a fabulous mix of business-related process content combined with a good mix of inspiration."
Bronwen Levett, South Coast Auto Services

Inspiration, Motivation and Insights  
“How can you pass up an opportunity to tap into the minds of successful businesswomen? Inspiration, motivation and insights into what makes a business succeed, all in one fantastic day. If you are in business or even thinking about it, you can’t afford to miss this event.”

The Place You Want to Be
"My instinct is right that this is a place you want to be if you're a female business owner. And, I can't wait for the next HerBusiness Live."
Christina Sanchez, Back Yourself Coaching

A Friendly and Encouraging Environment
“Really friendly and encouraging environment, and great networking. Many of these women will go on to be mentors of mine! So fabulous to see women truly working together.”

What A Great Atmosphere
“While I was excited about the keynote, I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of the general atmosphere at the day. I was relieved and delighted to discover how friendly and open the delegates were. There was plenty of laughter, food and phone numbers exchanged! I will definitely be attending again and I’ll be bringing my friends.”

Deep Learning
"The learnings were deep. I enjoyed hearing other people's stories, learning from them and now thinking, well how can I apply that to my business."
Anita McLachlan, Sequins and Sand

Excellent Business Contacts
“I have had a very enjoyable day and have made some excellent business contacts. Thanks for the opportunity to meet such inspiring businesswomen.”

HerBusiness LIVE - Facebook Testimonials
HerBusiness LIVE - Facebook Testimonials

HerBusiness LIVE Online

Your Investment
$795.00 $295 (A $500 Saving)

Make Connections. Create Relationships. Grow Your Business with Other Female Entrepreneurs.

SAVE 63% when you register before 3 August (save $500)

HerBusiness LIVE - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if I can make it. Will you be doing this again?
This event will only be held once this year. You don’t want to delay getting proven strategies to:

  • connect with your ideal clients
  • get your messaging locked in and working for you
  • connect with potential clients, prospects and strategic alliances
  • access mentors and experts who will give you valuable advice
  • discover out-of-the-box marketing strategies that can give you a much-needed boost
  • spend time out of your ‘day-to-day’ grind and work ON your business  

What time does the event finish?
The presentations end at 5.30 pm AEST. And then it's PARTY TIME! Join us for Virtual Cocktails from 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm AEST.

Will I get to Network even though the event is online?
You betcha. Networking and connecting is in our DNA and we've created numerous opportunities for you to connect with others in the group (even if you're the shy or introverted type who typically doesn't like networking)

What's the agenda?
The day includes four keynote presentations, small-business workshops, networking as well as inspiring panels and business brainstorming sessions. We give you a morning and afternoon break as well as a lunch break (though we know it's going to be hard to leave your newfound community even for a short while). Plus, we end the day with networking and Virtual Cocktails. It's going to be a FUN day.

Is there a workbook?
There is a comprehensive workbook that you'll definitely want to use to take notes of action items and to get the low-down on the door prizes and surprises on the day.

When do I get my EVENT PACK Gift Box?
When you register we will verify your delivery address so that we can ship you your special Event Gift Box. The goodies inside will help make your HerBusiness LIve Online experience even better. You must register by 3 August to qualify for an Event Pack.

What if I need to cancel my attendance at HerBusiness LIVE?
Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome. A full refund (less $99 administration fee) will be given to cancellations received in writing by 3 August 2021. If your Gift Box has already been sent to you when you cancel an additional $79 fee will be deducted from your refund.

A 50% refund (less admin fee) will be given for cancellations received after 3 August and before 12 August 2021.

No refunds will be given to cancellations made after 12 August 2021, or for non-attendance.

All changes to registrations must be received in writing to info@herbusiness.com

Got more questions? Email us here or use the live chat on this page.