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Join the Leading Women’s Business Mastermind in Australia…

This is How You ESCAPE Overwhelm and Get The Support You Need - Along With a Focused Plan That ACTUALLY Works to Get MORE of Your Ideal Clients, Make a Difference and Create The Business You LOVE

HerBusiness Mastermind

Join Other Successful Women Business Owners Who Are Doubling, Tripling Their Revenue, Creating New Marketing Funnels and Growing Their Audience and Income.


$2,497 per month (or $27,467 per annum)

Unlock The Potential in YOUR Business And Get WINS Like These From Our Masterminders...

“$50,000 in the last week” with ONE Email!

Bernadette Janson teaches women how to make money with property renovation and she learned a new email strategy in Mastermind that IMMEDIATELY made her $50,000 in just a few days (and all with ONE email!).

Mastermind - Bernadette Janson

“My List is Exploding” Using Alliance Strategy

At the Mastermind, Amanda Farmer learned how to find and put together strategic promotions with alliance partners and she used this approach to MASSIVELY grow her list, reputation and income!

Mastermind - Amanda Farmer

Sold out in 6 hours!

Tracey Bode is founder of Assistive Technology firm, Zyteq and using a Waitlist Strategy she learned at Mastermind she was able to sell out of her Talking Mats offer in just 6 hours!

Mastermind - Tracey Bode

50% INCREASE in Sales - Stoked!

Fiona Keary saw a 50% increase in her membership in one promotion and exceeded her goal AND she had several masterminders promote her offer to THEIR audiences for her.

Mastermind - Fiona Keary


Money • Impact • Growth

And Step Into a NEW Phase of Growth & Success In Your Business...

“Increased My Membership By 80% and More Automated Revenue…”

My future was trading time for money...

As a lawyer, I felt there was a better way to do business than trading my time for money. I am on track to have 30% of my business revenue generated from non-legal advice services.

Amanda Farmer

“Doubled My Membership & Filled My Retreat Event!”

My Sales conversions were lacking...

In the first year of MasterMind I filled our Retreat and doubled our Membership. Suzi and Michelle hold me accountable and are there all of the way lifting me up continually.

Amy Geach

“Doubled My Business - On Track For Million Dollar Year…" 

I was pregnant with my first child - and desperately needed more time...

I had done all the things I learned in my business degree. Since joining Mastermind our team has gone from 4 to 7 and our revenue has nearly doubled - knocking on the door of our first million dollar year!

Chantel Gilbert

“Doubled My Revenue in First Year in Mastermind…” 

My marketing was a mess... I was continually chasing my tail...

My clients loved what I delivered. I just had no system or method for my marketing. Always struggling to fill events. Since joining MasterMind, I now have a Marketing Plan in place with consistent revenue month in month out!

Fiona Keary

“Business is finally financially rewarding and growing year on year” 

I knew the big picture but I was struggling with the steps on how to get there...

Coupling my passion and drive with what MasterMind has offered has propelled my business forward. Before joining, my business was making a loss. Since joining I have turned my business around into a profit making enterprise! 

Tasha Jennings

If this sounds interesting to you, you need to join the waitlist.

$2,497 per month (or $27,467 per annum)

Here's What You Get When You Join The HerBusiness Marketing Mastermind...

Suzi Dafnis & Michelle Falzon

Regular Access To Your Mentors

Both Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon have owned and operated multi-million dollar businesses, sent millions of emails and generated thousands of sales during their combined 45+ years as entrepreneurs. 

They will be your Mastermind Mentors, offering you personal guidance in the portal and discussion groups and facilitating your regular Mastermind calls and live events.

Value $20,000

Mastermind Guest Presenters

Expert Guest Presenters

Tap into our network of some of the best technology, marketing and business mentors in the world. We regularly invite experts to take part in events and mastermind calls at various times throughout the year. 

You get access to the marketing minds most people don know about - the underground, unsung heroes with the real-world knowledge that actually works.

Value: Priceless

HerBusiness Mastermind

4 x 2-Day Meetings Per Year

You know how you are always finding it a challenge to give your marketing and business strategy the TIME and HEADSPACE it needs?

This is your way to GUARANTEE you get it.

Every quarter, you get to take two full days out of working IN your business so you can do the all-important job of working ON your business. You need it. Your business needs it. And you'll have a great time in the process!

Value: $12,000

HerBusiness Mastermind

Find Your Tribe

Finding "your tribe" and having a trusted group of people you can share your marketing challenges and wins with is one of the most valuable things you will ever find as a business owner. 

We know for us personally, our mastermind colleagues have helped us to gain clarity, opened doors that would normally be closed in terms of introductions and referrals and they've been amazing sounding boards and great supporters (some have even gone on to become close friends.)

Value: Priceless

Monthly Group Calls

Monthly Group Calls

Enjoy monthly 90-minute group calls to ask any questions you have, work through any particular projects you want feedback on, get a dose of inspiration or motivation.

You also learn from what other business owners are doing - what's working for them and how that might work for you too.

PLUS we'll be sharing information on the latest strategies, tech developments and ideas for getting more leads and growing your business - great for keeping your momentum.

Value: $2,364

Online Portal

24 / 7 Online Portal Access

Late at night and about to go live on a new campaign but you're stuck on something? Trying to make a decision about your next lead magnet topic and really just wanting a sounding board for your ideas right now? Had a great win you want to share with someone who "gets it"? 

That's where your always available online portal comes in. 

Here you can not only get feedback from your Mastermind Mentors, but also all the other amazing business owners in the group.

Value: $3,600 

Over $14,000 in Exclusive Bonuses

HerBusiness Network

BONUS #1: You Get 12 months of HerBusiness Network Membership  

Membership benefits include:  

  • Unlimited Access to more than 200 Business Trainings in the Online Learning Centre (Valued over $11,800)
  • New Online Monthly MasterClasses Monthly HerBusiness Roundtable Meetings 
  • 12 x Bonus Advertisements in the HerBusiness Newsletter
  • A free listing in the Member Directory
  • And your own dedicated web page on the HerBusiness website

Value: $13,184

Suzi Dafnis & Michelle Falzon

BONUS #2: 2 Personal Marketing Strategy Sessions  

Spend time with your Marketing Mentors Michelle and Suzi in a one-on-one strategy session to lay out the next best steps for you and your business.  

These sessions are available when you need them. You get two each year and our Masterminders ABSOLUTELY love this 1:1 access!  

So, when you know you need that extra guidance to really amp up your strategy simply book your session!  

Value: $1,297

That's $14,481 in Total Value!

Here's What You Need To Do Next

Click the button below to add your name to the waitlist.  

We'll let you know as soon as we open Mastermind to new applications.

$2,497 per month (or $27,467 per annum)



VALUED AT $2,000


These trainings were delivered EXCLUSIVELY by Suzi and Michelle’s special guests. We’re unlocking the vault to share their brilliant strategies in email marketing, lead generation, 5-day challenges, handling sales objections, Facebook & Instagram Marketing and much, much more!

More than 8 hours of World Class “behind the scenes” content that’s NOT shared publicly by these experts, but was delivered as a special favour to Suzi and Michelle. You will NOT find this information elsewhere!

Experts - Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque

Quiz Expert

Experts - Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd

Online Course Creation & Challenges Expert

Experts - Bari Baumgardner

Bari Baumgardner

World-Leading Live & Virtual Events Expert

Experts - Jessica Tutton

Jessica Tutton

Facebook Expert

Experts - Tracy Harris

Tracy Harris

Instagram Influencer & Expert




Gain instant access to the Mastermind Canva Template Library, which includes fully laid out and ready-to-use templates for ebooks, sales pages, thank you pages (optimised for the infamous “Step 2”) and more!

Canva Template Library


The $2800 in EARLY Action Takers Bonuses EXPIRE at...

9.00pm AEDT, Tuesday, 26 October, 2021.

Rare Chance to Join High-Powered Mastermind for Women Business Owners


After you apply, either me or MasterMind co-presenter Michelle Falzon will have a short chat with you to make sure this is THE RIGHT NEXT STEP for your business.  

Based on this being a match, you get the happy news that you're in.  

This kicks off a series of events that many people have described to me as LIFE-CHANGING and ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE...

Here's what happens  

First, you get SPECIALISED INDUCTION INTO THE MASTERMIND from myself and Michelle - this includes bringing you up to speed with our CORE MARKETING STRATEGIES (yes the same ones that are getting the kind of results you saw above) so you can hit the road running in the group.  

Then you get YOUR SPECIAL ACCESS TO THE MASTERMIND PORTAL which holds a treasure trove of resources, templates, recordings and other insights we ONLY share with the Mastermind members. You cannot get this information anywhere else.

AND this is when you also get access to what will become ONE OF YOUR MOST VALUED ONLINE RESOURCES… the HerBusiness Mastermind Facebook Group.

This is where you can post ANY time and get answers from your fellow Masterminders and Michelle and myself.  

  • Need some help naming a new product? Post in the group.  
  • Want some feedback on your sales video script? Post in the group.  
  • Struggling to make a tough decision that you don’t feel like you can talk to your team or your family about? Post in the group.

This is by far THE most responsive and supportive group I have ever been a part of… and because all the other women in this group are all experienced business owners too… it’s not only the feedback you get from Michelle and I that CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO YOU… it’s also the WISE AND EXPERIENCED FEEDBACK you get from the others in the group as well.  

We’ve got lawyers, artists, tech people… business with offices around the world, businesses in the health space, the tech space, the fashion space, the tourism space and property, investing, personal development and so much more.  

It’s like having YOUR OWN ADVISORY BOARD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 24/7 and here you will be welcomed with open arms.  

And then it’s time to take part in your first monthly call - this is where you get to chat once a month with myself, Michelle and your fellow Masterminders… and it’s here we can go even deeper into some of your questions.  

These calls are so valuable that we regularly get 90% show rate month after month, year after year… because they make THAT much of a difference to your business.

But it doesn’t stop there… because then you’re ready for the first of FOUR X 2-DAY LIVE EVENTS WE HOST IN SYDNEY… you get one of these every 90 days - and this is where much of the business and MIND-EXPANDING GROWTH happens…  

Because during these 2-days you set your 90-day goal and we equip you with training, hot seats, brainstorms and guest speaker input to set you up for success ACHIEVING those goals.

And they’re pretty fun too! Imagine hanging out in a room for 2 days with some of the SMARTEST, FUNNIEST AND MOST CARING WOMEN IN BUSINESS you could ever find as you share ideas, get some much needed support and stop the “crazy-making” for a little while so you can actually work ON your business.  

And then imagine also getting time at lunch breaks and other times to have personal 1:1 conversations and grow a support network that extends way beyond what you might normally find in a business group.

HerBusiness Mastermind

And it’s not all business, either… on day 1 of your 2-day event, picture this… you don’t know where you’re going for dinner, but you know it’s a treat… it could be theatre tickets or a private dining experience at one of Sydney’s best restaurants… it could be a live show, an outdoor cinema or a group table in the middle of one of the most happening hot spots in town… but every time you come to Sydney you know we’ve got something special planned for you.

And then imagine leaving that 2-day event with your 90-DAY PLAN mapped out… AND the support to get that plan done over the next 90 days.  

HerBusiness Mastermind
HerBusiness Mastermind

Whatever you need - moral support, branding advice, copy advice, strategy… we’re here for you and there are NO LIMITS on how often you can post in the group!  

And if things don’t go according to plan… we’re here for you then too!  

Need a good referral?  

Or having issues with a tech tool?  

Unexpectedly lost a team member?  

We’ve all been there and we will rally around you to help you make your way through any challenge.  

Plus… there’s also the STRATEGY CALLS YOU GET WITH MICHELLE AND I… yep… you get two x 45 minute calls on ANY topic you need help with and you get Michelle and I completely focused solely on YOU and your business… this is where you can take BIG leaps forward with ANY project you are working.  

Plus bonus planning days and other surprise goodies you receive because you’re now part of my inner circle.

Michelle Falzon
HerBusiness Mastermind
HerBusiness Mastermind

What Others Say

How This Young Mum Quadrupled Her Business Since Joining Mastermind and is On Her Way to a $2 Million Year! (All While ALSO Having 3 Babies!).

Even though she was busy; even though she was pregnant with her first child, Chantel made the leap and joined Mastermind…

  • Within her first year she INCREASED HER REVENUE BY 50%
  • The NEXT year she increased her revenue by ANOTHER 50% (such fantastic growth) and she was knocking on the door of her FIRST million dollar year!
  • Using a Live Event and Webinar Strategy she learned in Mastermind… the NEXT year she DOUBLED HER REVENUE and was well on the way to her next big milestone a $2 million year!

Now Chantel has a THRIVING business. She’s expanded into Solar and has her own warehouse and office… all while having 3 gorgeous babies!

PLUS the stability and growth in her business means she has been able to hire a team of 9 people and have greater support, flexibility and TIME to spend with her family… so she can now work just 4 days a week.

“Words can't describe my gratitude to Suzi, Michelle and the other masterminders for what the mastermind has given me, it's fulfilling both personally and professionally.”

Chantel Gilbert

Gillian Erskine

How This Piano Teacher EXPANDED Her Established Business Into a Brand NEW Online Membership

Gillian Erskine already had a thriving business licensing piano teaching schools around the globe.

Knowing she wanted to move into more online marketing and create a leveraged online product for piano teachers, she joined the Marketing Success Mastermind.

Here, she’s learned how to create online marketing funnels, grow her audience using an online TV show and launch her brand new membership for piano teachers, The Studio.

“I’ve had so so many aha moments” said Gillian, who just launched her membership and made her first ever sales on her first ever webinar!

“I love weekly check in or “chicken “ as we affectionately call it... It's so lovely to have Suzi and Michelle’s words of encouragement and extra tips and the encouragement from all fellow masterminders too. So very grateful to be part of this mastermind.”

How This Fertility Expert Went From Struggling and Overwhelmed to Having a Sold Out Online Course, a Waitlist of Clients and a High Dollar Consultancy, Creating a Business She LOVES…

I always had my big 'why' and my passion driving me, but I realise now I didn't have a proper framework and structure to get me there. In the group we work on our 90 day plans, which Suzi & Michelle have provided us with a lovely framework to break it down. Then getting feedback on that plan is wonderful. It helps to have those extra eyes over it, adding things, or taking things away to make it stronger and more achievable.

I love the Facebook Group for the instant feedback I get on anything from project ideas to email sequences to an extra set of eyes on a new landing page. The feedback and tweaks I make from this feedback is invaluable. I can even post late at night or early morning, as I often do, with things I need a quick response to and inevitably there is someone online who jumps in and helps.

The lasting friendships. Such a wonderful bunch of women who genuinely care about you and your business. Who celebrate successes with you and support you through the difficulties.

It has helped me immensely on a business level, but I am truly overwhelmed about how much of a positive impact it has had on a personal level. I am so thrilled by the business success it has helped me achieve but more than that, it has had an amazing ripple effect across my whole life.

Tasha Jennings

As you can see...  

This is a rare and really extraordinary group, which we put our total heart and soul into.  

And places RARELY become available.  

So if you’re interested, here’s what you need to do now…  

$2,497 per month (or $27,467 per annum)

Tap Into Our Global Network of Experts & Industry Leaders

When you join the Marketing Success Mastermind, Suzi and Michelle open the doors on their extensive networks, introducing you to trusted suppliers, advisors and experts.

You regularly get first hand access to world-leading Mastermind guests.

Here are some of the guests our Masterminders have met, learned from, seen behind the scenes of their campaigns and been able to ask questions of:

Experts - Bari Baumgardner

Bari Baumgardner

World-Leading Live & Virtual Events Expert

Experts - James Schramko

James Schramko

Productivity & Internet Marketing Expert

Experts - Tracy Harris

Tracy Harris

Instagram Influencer & Expert

Experts - Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd

Online Course Creation & Challenges Expert

Experts - Jessica Tutton

Jessica Tutton

Facebook Expert

Experts - Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley

eCommerce Expert

Experts - Julie Ann Cairns

Julie Ann Cairns

Growth Entrepreneur & Abundance Expert

Experts - Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme

Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author & Presentation Expert

Experts - Jason Friedman

Jason Friedman

Customer Experience Expert

Why We Believe EVERY Business Owner Needs To Be Part of a Mastermind!

Both Michelle Falzon and I have been active participants in Masterminds throughout our business lives. For me, I've been in Masterminds for 20 years and I personally wouldn't be without one.

My Mastermind is my support network, my go-to place when I need a referral for a supplier, to find a technology tool, to overcome a barrier or just to get some encouragement through a difficult project.

Suzi Dafnis & Michelle Falzon

And it turns out that some of the most successful people in history have enjoyed the benefits of "masterminding."

Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Henry Ford, Virginia Woolf, Andy Warhol, Dorothy Parker and Thomas Edison, all met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis, to help one another achieve common goals and grow. 

Being part of a Mastermind is not like any other business group or training you will ever attend.

Here you will find accountability, a powerful community, support like you've never had in business and an extensive and valuable network.

We invite you to join us today.

Suzi Dafnis CEO, HerBusiness

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the program?

The HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind gives you 12 months access to your marketing and business mentors, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon, plus other guest experts, as well as the benefits of being in an empowering small group environment.

Your Mastermind membership includes:

  • 4 x 2-day Live Meetings;
  • Monthly Q&A Calls 
  • 24/7 access to the Member Portal


  • A whole year of HerBusiness Network Membership (and all its perks) 
  • 2 x Personal 1:1 Marketing Strategy Session Meetings
  • Over $2,000 in additional training courses

Ask questions, connect with fellow members and enjoy the incredible support that comes with being in a Mastermind. 

What size is the HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind?

This is an intimate group of like-minded business owners who have prioritised marketing strategy as part of their business development. We have deliberately capped the number of business owners in the group to maintain a small group setting. Each 2-day program will be facilitated to ensure that every business gets the maximum help and value.

How do I know if I'm eligible to be part of this program?

The culture and calibre of the participants in this program is highly valued. As such, we do have a few criteria for inclusion, such as..

Participants must:

  • have an existing business of which they are the owner or part-owner
  • have demonstrated some success in business with an operating, viable business
  • agree to an induction process prior to their participation in the Mastermind (some extra study may be required)
  • agree to the code of conduct for the group, which ensures complete confidentiality, total support for other participants and upholding the values of the Mastermind to bring our best selves and support others in that quest also.

I do not have an online business. Can I still take part in the program?

While many of the strategies will harness the awesome power of online marketing including websites, email marketing, content marketing and social media, the program will be as relevant to bricks and mortar and offline businesses as it is to information marketing and online businesses.

Any business that is ready to grow can benefit from being a part of this program.

When are the meetings?

All online meetings are recorded and made available to you just a few hours after the session so that you can catch up on your own time. That means you can study at your own pace while still having real-time access through the Mastermind portal and the 2-Day live events.

Welcome Session:

Friday, 29 October - 11.00am - 2.00pm AEDT

Getting Started Session:

Thursday, 11 November - 2.00pm - 3.30pm AEDT

Q&A Calls: 

The Online Q&A calls are held from 11.00am – 12.30pm AEST (or AEDT).
The upcoming dates are:

  • 27 October 2021 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEDT
  • 8 December 2021 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEDT
  • 27 January 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEDT
  • 30 March 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEDT
  • 27 April 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEST
  • 29 June 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEST
  • 27 July 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEST
  • 28 September 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEST
  • 21 December 2022 – 11.00am-12.30pm AEDT

2-Day Meetings:  

The Live Meetings are held four times a year in Sydney (or Virtually if travel is not feasible during COVID*). The 2020-2021 meetings will be held on:

  • 24-26 November 2021 (Bonus Planning Day) 
  • 25-26 November 2021
  • 24 - 25 February 2022 
  • 26 - 27 May 2022 
  • 25 - 26 August 2022 

The two-day sessions start at 9:00 am and go until 5:00 pm Sydney time.

If you are travelling to Sydney please plan to arrive the day before and fly out the day after the meeting. All meetings are optional however we recommend that you diarise and attend as many possible.

*NOTE: 2-day meetings are currently being run as Virtual meetings due to COVID 19.

What’s included with the 2-day meetings?

All sessions including masterclasses, workshops, hot-seat sessions and guest-speaker presentations and course materials. Your morning, afternoon tea and lunch are included on Day 1 and Day 2.

On the evening of Day 1 a group dinner is included and we highly recommend that you attend. The 2-day sessions are held in Sydney.

What if I can’t make a Q&A session?

All Q&A sessions are recorded and available to you inside the member-only Mastermind portal. 

What else is in the portal?

Inside the exclusive and private Mastermind portal you can ask questions, connect with fellow members plus access the session recordings and handouts and resources. It’s a super-valuable part of the program that you will rely on to share ideas and get ongoing support between sessions.

What about confidentiality?

All mastermind members will complete a confidentiality agreement. All information shared by participants is strictly confidential and intended for member use only. Sharing confidential information (other than with your staff for use inside your own business) is strictly prohibited. Anyone who contravenes this agreement may be dismissed from the group immediately. 

Ready for Marketing Success?

HerBusiness Mastermind

Here's What You Need To Do Next:

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  • HerBusiness will then email you as soon as we open the doors to new applications.

$2,497 per month (or $27,467 per annum)