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How to FINALLY Convert Your Prospects into CUSTOMERS Who Love You and Want to Buy From You Again & Again…

(Without Getting “Pushy” or “Salesy”, Even If You're Frustrated With Your Results So Far, Don’t Know Where To Start, or You’ve Been Trying all the “Guru” Strategies and Nothing is Working”)

How to Craft Offers That Sell

We hear you! And we can HELP!

Join Suzi Dafnis & Michelle Falzon for a FREE LIVE 90-minute Training.

7 June at 11:00 am (Sydney Time)

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The BIG Thing That’s Gonna

Happen On This Training…

The ENTIRE focus of this 90-minute free training is to help you literally have a BREAKTHROUGH with the results you’re getting.

(and by results, we mean actually getting sales from your webinars, emails, challenges and all the things you’re knocking yourself out doing right now!).

And we’re going to do that by pinpointing the ONE crucial thing that’s likely holding you back.

And that is…

The way you’re actually explaining and positioning the thing you sell.

Sounds simple.

But 99% of people get this wrong (and when they fix it, their results SKYROCKET).

We’ve seen it first-hand MANY times.

Because this is what we help people do all day, every day.

The fact is, you can be doing everything else really well in your marketing.

But without actually knowing what goes into constructing and then communicating a compelling offer, you can be falling face first on that sales slip 'n' slide!

And nobody wants that.

We work with WOMEN to help them get UNSTUCK when it comes to making offers.

WITHOUT being salesy.

Actually, when you “get” this process… we know it may sound unbelievable right now… but you can actually LOVE the sales part of your business.

It could actually feel EASY and FUN.

And you could actually be really good at it.

(even better than you could have imagined).

And those sales could start rolling in at a level that might blow your mind.



It doesn’t take any mystical superpower.

All you need is a process to follow.

Come and join us for this FREE Training so we can tell you all about it AND give you an actual PRACTICAL framework for making this shift.

We know you want to :-)

Go ahead… click the button and make the time.

This could be THE most important 90 mins of your week, month or even potentially your year.

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Women Like You Who’ve Had The Offers That Sell Breakthrough!

Here are some of the results we’ve helped people get just in the last few WEEKS!

(and we’ve helped literally thousands of other people over the years)

How to Craft Offers That Sell

I’m Stoked! DOUBLED my Sales Goal for my NEW Membership.

Cat recently launched her Founding Member offer for her brand new membership, The Impact Circle, following on from her online course, The Impactful Presenters Program.

And simply by knowing how to CONSTRUCT and then COMMUNICATE the thing she was selling, she made a MASSIVE difference to her results!

And the great part is, she has this information FOR LIFE… so that’s her next launch, then her next, then the one after that.

How to Craft Offers That Sell

More Sales Than EVER Before! After Trying For Years, I’ve Finally Cracked the Code!

Angela has just had not one, but TWO back to back knock-it-out-of-the-park launches where she’s had MORE SALES THAN EVER BEFORE.

After beating her head against the wall doing offer after offer and not getting conversions, finally knowing how to CONSTRUCT and COMMUNICATE her Offer, helped to flick the switch on her results.

Now she’s TRIPLING the number of women joining her 8-week Embrace Program, making MORE MONEY and helping MORE women successfully embrace and thrive in Menopause.

Happy days!

You have something AWESOME to share with the world.
And we want to help you do it!

Join us for the Offers That Sell FREE Training

7 June, 2022 at 11:00 am (Sydney Time) (Sydney Time)

Here’s what we will be sharing:

  • Discover what an Offer REALLY is (and what it isn’t) and why you’ve struggled up to this point to “see” it (it happens to everyone, so you’re not alone there!)
  • Find out the EXACT 7 pieces to your Offer puzzle that you MUST have in place to get your prospect’s attention, and most importantly, their DESIRE.
  • Get the FREE Offers That Sell Checklist that you can use to construct your OWN high converting offer and get more sales (all while actually LIKING the process!)
  • PLUS get wise to the 3 BIG MISTAKES you may be making right now that are keeping you working too hard for the disappointing results you might be getting.
  • And much, much more!

Why Are Suzi & Michelle The Ones To Help You With This?

We get it.
Why are we the ones that can help you?
Here’s a little about us…

How to Craft Offers That Sell

Both Suzi and Michelle have grown 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses.

They’ve also, between them, helped generate millions of dollars in online sales from webinars, challenges, courses, lead magnets and marketing funnels (yep, that means making a lot of really FANTASTICALLY performing OFFERS!).

And they’ve helped literally thousands of people to improve their results in their marketing.

They are the hosts of the HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind (the leading women’s business Mastermind in Australia) and the Content Sells Podcast, which reaches thousands of listeners every month.

And… they started off just where you might be right now.

  • Not knowing what works
  • Anxious about making offers
  • Feeling uncomfortable putting themselves “out there”
  • Stumbling, making mistakes, learning and growing.

Which puts them in the PERFECT position to know what you need to break through.

With 20+ years of real-world experience EACH, they can help you fast track that process (so you don’t have to make the same mistakes) with THEIR knowledge and experience.

They can help you make this same leap from struggling to thriving when it comes to making offers, and getting your prospects to actually buy from you… like right now!

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How to Craft Offers That Sell FREE Training

7 June 2022 at 11:00 am (Sydney Time)