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Not Your Usual Kind of Networking!

How You Can EXPAND Your Network, Nail Your Message and Feel “Clear & Confident” Talking About Your Business

(in JUST 90 Minutes!)

Even if You’ve Struggled to Find Great Networks, or Felt Tongue-Tied Communicating Your Value in the Past.


Normally $97 - Yours 100% FREE (Limited Places)

Create powerful connections in under 90 minutes!

Tap into the HerBusiness Network of AWESOME Women Business Owners!

Feel supported as you discover the EASY way to finally communicate what you do in a way that INSTANTLY creates powerful connections with prospective clients, suppliers, peers and wonderful new colleagues.

Come along to this FREE Online Networking Event, complete with a Roundtable Coaching Session and REAL-Time Facilitated Networking and have a Business Breakthrough as you discover HOW to INSTANTLY communicate your value.

  • Find out how to INSTANTLY attract your perfect client 👩 or customer in a conversation.
  • No more rambling or fumbling over words. 👄 Know how to speak confidently about your business.
  • Go from feeling awkward 😬 talking about your offer to feeling excited and confident.
  • And much, much more.
Suzi Dafnis

Normally $97 - Yours 100% FREE (Limited Places)

HerBusiness Network Members

"People Like Us"

One of the BEST things about finding a network of Business Owners you love is that you not only find potential new clients and suppliers and referrers but ALSO find your COMMUNITY.

It can be LONELY in business - so having people in your life who “get” the challenges you have as a business owner and who ALSO get the thrill and passion of running your own show - because they’re in the same boat as YOU - is priceless!

Here in the HerBusiness Community, you will find People Like You!

Tap into the Awesome HerBusiness Community

There are literally thousands of women in unique businesses and industries that have found connections, developed relationships and generated sales in the HerBusiness Network.

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Electrical Trade
  • Construction
  • Sales Training
  • Speaking
  • Craft
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Natural Remedies
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Finance
  • Debt Collection
  • Web Design
  • IT
  • Membership Businesses
  • Consultants
  • Disability Services
  • Beauty
  • Nurseries
  • Florist
  • Marketing
  • Business Services

And these are just a few examples!

And these women are running online businesses, offline businesses and brick and mortar stores. They’re in service businesses and product and eCommerce businesses. Some are Startups and there are well-established businesses. And they’re in urban, rural and regional areas.

Normally $97 - Yours 100% FREE (Limited Places)

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21 October 2021



11.00am - 12.30pm AEDT
(Sydney time)

Cost to Attend


Normally $97
Yours Absolutely FREE

Bookings essential. Limited places. No replays or recordings.

Making Connections That Count

Real-Time Networking

Real-Time Networking

Meet other awesome women business owners (These could be great clients, suppliers and advocates for you.)

Real-Time Coaching

Real-Time Coaching

Get access to our round table coaching session, get your questions answered.

Get Your Focus Back

Get Your Focus Back

Discover the three-step process to getting a plan on the exact steps to take next.

Bonus Gift - A $47 Value

Have you ever spent time explaining what YOU do only to find that the other person has totally misinterpreted you?

The BONUS Connection Statement® Template helps you easily communicate your value in a way that instantly creates connection.

When you use this Connection Statement® it makes your introductions work EVERY time... no confusion… No false starts and no re-explaining.

VALUE: $47

Connection Statement Template

Meet Women In All Stages of Business

The HerBusiness Community supports women who run their own small business, from startup through to multi-million dollar operations and you will meet Business Owners in a variety of stages, including Solopreneurs. Micropreneurs who are building a team around them and Entrepreneurs who are scaling larger businesses

All Stages of Business

You’ll make powerful connections with other TRULY amazing women in business who could become potential clients, referrers, suppliers, cheerleaders and valued peers -- all without feeling awkward or salesy (and you might just have some fun, too!!)

Why Networking Gets A Bad Name

I can hear you saying… “But, Suzi… I Hate Networking!”
[Truth Alert! So do I!] — Suzi

And interestingly, my research tells me that the vast majority of women find traditional ‘Networking’ awkward, distasteful and ineffective.

They’ve even described it as judgemental, uncomfortable and fear-inducing.

That’s why here at HerBusiness we showed the OLD way of networking the door, years ago.

The Old Way

The Old Way

The HerBusiness Way

The HerBusiness Way

👉 Finding it, awkward to start conversations?

That’s why we have conversational prompts and a simple framework that that takes the ‘icky’ factor away.

👉 Tired of Networking Events where everybody’s trying to sell you something?

We believe in collaboration over competition and the other women will be there to give you support and cheer you on

What Our Networkers Say!

Anne Maree Wilshire

Anne Maree Was Energised to Step Up

“Thanks, Suzi. I feel energising to take the next steps. Thanks so much for the #liftup and for encouraging us all to keep stepping up, no matter how scary or shy we feel.”

Anne Maree Wilshire
Vibrant Voices

Amanda Fryer

Amanda Got a New Contact That Afternoon

When Amanda’s new contact instantly referred her, she shared: “Thanks for sharing my website with your friend today after we met at the networking event. She contacted us this afternoon!”

Amanda Fryer
Driving Diabetes

Cat Matson

Cat Loved Bouncing Around Ideas

“The greatest benefit for me is the opportunity to bounce ideas with other members ... and, through hearing their stories, realise that what I am going through is normal.”

Cat Matson
Impactful Presenters

Michelle Pascoe

Michelle Found People to Outsource To

“In the past 4 months, I have outsourced two very important areas of my business to two HerBusiness Members. I would never have met these ladies and had the opportunity to learn about their businesses and what they could do for mine.

Michelle Pascoe
OOPS (Optimum Operating Procedures and Systems)

Belinda Weaver

Belinda got fantastic NEW IDEAS

“I was cooking and serving a toddler’s meal during the session BUT I still got some fantastic ideas for my current brain-riddling challenge. Ideas I would not have thought of myself!

Belinda Weaver
Copywrite Matters

Peta Gillian

Peta Found Nuggets of Wisdom

“I managed to pick up some little nugget of information that gave me an idea to think through and possibly implement.”

Peta Gillian
Strong Healthy Women

Claire Halford

Claire has new clarity about her target market

“Clarity around targeting my two different ideal target markets on social media without alienating either one.”

Claire Halford
Argentic Design

Marsha Lake

Marsha Got “Light Bulbs” and Great Assistance

Marsha Lake of MLSS is a regular at our member networking sessions. Even after over 25 years in business, surrounding herself with other business owners at our Networking events gives her “Light bulbs and great assistance.”

Marsha Lake
Marsha Lake Secretarial Services

Normally $97 - Yours 100% FREE (Limited Places)

What Attendees Say

The HerBusiness Community is where you’ll find more sales, referrals and opportunities

So, whether you are:

  • Just getting started or working your business as a side hustle so you can leave your full-time job
  • Building a business you’ve been growing for some time and starting to hire team and expand your marketing
  • Gaining traction and cracking your first 6-figure year
  • Heading up an established business that’s making the leap from 6 figures to 7 figures
  • Finding you’ve hit a plateau and you need more support and inspiration to BREAK THROUGH
  • Feeling STUCK and unsupported and ready to shake things up
  • Looking for ways to EXPAND your network and meet new clients, find valuable suppliers and referral partners
  • Struggling to communicate your value and looking for the EXACT step-by-step solution

This FREE Networking Event is FOR YOU!

Normally $97 - Yours 100% FREE (Limited Places)