Discover why having a MENTOR is the No.1 thing Australia’s Top Business Women Do To Stay Focused and Successful Bonus tips on how to find YOUR ideal mentor.

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Are you experiencing any of these scenarios?

  • You’re finding your focus is split across what feels like too many areas, and it’s a challenge know what to prioritise.
  • You’re currently spending more time working IN your business, rather than working ON your business.
  • Your business is in a growth phase.
  • You don’t have a business plan and/or a clear vision and goals for your business.
  • You do have a business plan but it doesn’t reflect your vision, or you don’t really use it as a valuable tool for your business, other than keeping it in your drawer for your bank manager.
  • You’re at the stage where you need new connections and a bigger network.
  • You need help hiring, managing and growing your team.
  • You need more sales and customers.
  • You want to take your business to the next level, whether that be moving your fledgeling business out of the spare room in your house or making the leap from a small to medium-sized business.
  • Your financial systems are not keeping up with what you need, and you want to more effectively manage and understand your cash flow, balance sheet and profit/loss.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated and could really do with the wise counsel of someone who’s already ‘been there and done that.’

Follow the lead of people like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and 200 of Australia’s top businesswomen by finding a mentor to help you grow your business, get focused and achieve your vision.

How the Award-Winning HerBusiness Mentoring Program Can Help

Experienced Mentors Our faculty of Mentors are hand-picked, experienced entrepreneurs who’ve already traveled the road you’re on and have successfully dealt with the challenges you’re facing right now.

Unique Diagnostic When you start with your Mentor, you receive a detailed Diagnostic which helps you see how you’re faring in 8 key business metrics and enables you and your Mentor to focus on those areas where you need the most help.

Virtual Sessions All sessions are virtual, so that means you can always ensure you can speak with your Mentor, even when you’re travelling or if you live in a regional or rural area.

Flexibility You can add more sessions as you need them. Simply commit to 4 sessions to start and then you have the flexibility to continue (or stop) as you need to.

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Join the Waitlist to be notified when places open up.

70% of business owners who use Mentors will survive in business twice as long as those who don't.

Why I've always had mentors!

I've personally always had Mentors, right from my early days starting my first business in a spare bedroom in my house!  

They’ve helped me avoid mistakes and then picked me up and helped me correct my course when I went wrong.  

I can’t imagine how I would have achieved what I have without them.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about Mentoring as a way for business owners to really make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.— Suzi Dafnis, CEO - HerBusiness

Business owners who do use Mentors are 20% more likely to experience growth in their business than those who don’t use Mentors.

What Others Say About Our Mentoring Program

Catherine Abel

I Now Have a Closer Relationship With My Customers

Mentoring has given me a closer relationship with my customers and fans, it has helped me show my expertise in my field and helped me develop my voice.

Catherine Abel, Catherine Abel Artist

Fiona Keary

Mentoring Has Given Me Confidence in Myself

My mentor pushes me out of my comfort zone, and I have taken so many leaps that I wouldn’t have taken by myself.

Fiona Keary, Style Liberation

Belinda Weaver

My Mentor Supported and Guided Me

I found the environment of accountability extremely rewarding. My mentor supported and guided me to think beyond the horizon I had created. I loved that.

Belinda Weaver - Copywrite Matters

Chantel Gilbert

Increased Revenue, More Clients, and a Bigger Team

I think the best thing about this relationship is just having someone to work through the challenges with. Rather than give me the answers, my mentor poses the right questions and helps me work out a solution. Then I am able to truly learn for myself.

Chantel Gilbert, Bluegum Electrical Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE THE MENTOREES AND MENTORS? Mentorees are women business owners. The Mentoring program is recommended for those with at least two (2) years of business experience with an established business with a viable revenue stream of at least $100,000. Mentors are invited to take part in mentoring. Applications are carefully considered based on the mentors’ business experience. Mentors may be men or women who have owned and operated their business for at least five (5) years in Australia. Mentors can be located nationally, even globally.

HOW DO I GET MATCHED TO MY MENTOR? Mentorees are matched to Mentors who have expertise that matches the Mentoree's course objectives and who are in a non-conflicting industry to that of the Mentoree. Once you decide how many mentoring sessions you’d like to start with, you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire that outlines your short and long-term objectives for mentoring. You’ll then be matched with the most suitable mentor.  

IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT TO PARTICIPATE IN MENTORING? No, regardless of what age you are, if you meet the eligibility, you can participate in mentoring.  

HOW DO I INTERACT WITH MY MENTOR IF I CAN'T SEE THEM? Mentoring is conducted via Zoom or other online video technologies. When you meet depends on your and your mentor’s availability and can be arranged once you’ve been accepted into the program.. We aim to match you, no matter your location, with the most suitable mentor to help you achieve your business objectives.

WHAT IS THE COST OF THIS PROGRAM? Mentoring packages are available in bundles of 4, 8 or 12 one-hour sessions. The prices are outlined above. You can also take advantage of the Special package you see above, which includes several valuable bonuses, including an online diagnostic, a 45-minute Diagnostic Review, and a detailed report showing how your business fares across eight key business metrics. Remember, a 100% Money Back Guarantee backs our mentoring services. So, if you let us know that the program is not for you, you get a 100% No Questions Asked refund - making it a totally risk-free offer for you.

WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THE MENTORING? One-on-one mentoring is available in 4, 8 or 12 sessions at a time and on dates convenient to you and your mentor. If you choose any of the mentoring packages (4, 8 or 12), you can always add on mentoring sessions if you wish.  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I BOOK IN FOR MENTORING SESSIONS? Once you have booked your mentoring sessions (choosing from 4, 8 or 12 sessions — or taking advantage of our special offer), you will be contacted by our office and asked to fill out a short questionnaire that helps us match you with the best mentor for your business. (While you can nominate a mentor, we find it best first to determine your goals so that we can help match you with the mentor we know will help you reach your goals.) 

WHAT ROLE SHOULD A MENTOR PLAY? A mentor is someone who’s been places that you’re planning on going in business — someone who has experience in the areas that to you are uncharted. It’s their wisdom and ‘experience’ that you will be calling on. In some cases, Mentors have networks and contacts that can help you in certain areas - but even if they don’t, they will know where to go or how to approach finding the right expert. Mentors are not employees. Generally, they are very busy individuals and will help guide and support you - but they are not there to ‘do’. That is your job. Think of your Mentor as someone who is wise and ‘muse’-like. A Mentor is someone you can trust with the issues facing you and the difficulties you might find hard to speak with someone else about. They have had experience building a business and so they know what it’s like. A Mentor is a wise set of ears and a wise sounding board.  

HOW DO I KNOW THE MENTOR WILL SUIT ME? Mentors apply and are selected through a criterion-based application. Mentors will be in business or will have been in a successful business for a minimum of 5 years. Each Mentor is chosen based on his/her expertise and matched against the Mentorees' objectives outlined in their Application Form. Mentors enter into a signed confidentiality agreement to address privacy, conflict and business sensitive issues.  

HOW MANY MENTORING SESSIONS DO I NEED? It’s totally up to you. We offer a minimum of 4 sessions (a number we have found will help you deal with specific areas of business and see you make some great gains). We recommend monthly sessions with a minimum of 4 sessions. After this time, and depending on your goals, you may wish to add more sessions. Each mentoring session is one hour in length and is conducted via Skype or telephone.