How to Have a Powerful
(& Profitable!) Money BREAKTHROUGH in Just 7 Days!

Join The FREE Money Breakthrough Workshop for Women Business Owners.

8-14 April

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How to Have a Powerful
(& Profitable!) Money BREAKTHROUGH in Just 7 Days!

Join The FREE Money Breakthrough Workshop for Women Business Owners.

8 - 14 APRIL

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Transform Your Money Mindset and Unleash More Profitable Business Income & Growth (Without Working Harder or Burning Out)!

If you're feeling like you need a Money Breakthrough in your business…. you're not alone. 

There can be MANY reasons for needing a breakthrough when it comes to your finances…

The anxiety of scaling your business, the paralysis that comes with not having a clear money strategy and goals, or simply feeling lost in the dark about where your hard-earned money is going, or how you’ll get the growth you know you want and need, are common hurdles many women business owners face.

But along with those challenges, you’ve also got BIG goals…

  • You want to grow your business to that NEXT money milestone (and beyond). 
  • You want to stop working so hard for the money and start reaping the rewards of owning your value and knowing how to charge for it.
  • You want to take the money pressure down while dialling the love of what you do up.
  • You want to grow a team (or at least get the support you need when needed), so you’re not doing as much on your own.
  • You want to expand your reach, help more people, get more sales and make more PROFIT!
  • You may even have plans to sell your business and want to use these next few years to get the biggest bang for your buck!
Money Breakthrough Workshop

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

8-14 April

Get Your FREE Tickets (Valued at $397) Here Now


The Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners

Join us for this FREE 4-Part Workshop (valued at $397)

8-14 April

In this 4-Part Workshop, you’ll learn the proven Money Breakthroughs that enabled Suzi Dafnis to create FIVE multi-million dollar businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

PLUS how she’s used this framework to help thousands of other women, like you, over the past 29+ years to grow and thrive in their businesses as well!

The process Suzi shares in this Workshop is the key to…

  • Maximising your business profits and knowing your numbers (even if you’re not a “numbers person”)
  • Increasing your REAL income and impact
  • Reaching the NEXT Big “Money Milestone” in your Business
  • Owning your value and charging more
  • Pricing your products and services for profit
  • Establishing financial stability in your business
  • Escaping “imposter” syndrome and embracing money beliefs that empower you to comfortably reach your potential instead
  • Gaining FAST clarity as you create a “Money Vision” that pulls you forward into growth and prosperity
  • Confidently finding the support you need and knowing WHEN to hire a team and WHAT to outsource (without wasting precious time and money)
  • Finally, having a Money Plan that works for YOUR business and your life
  • And much, much more…

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

8 - 14 April

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What’s In Your FREE Workshop

Get Your Practical Step-by-Step Money Plan For Your Profit & Growth Breakthrough (and your NEXT Money Move) in These 4 Value-Packed & Engaging Lessons:

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Lesson #1 - The 3 Money Breakthroughs

How to Establish Financial Stability in Your Business

  • Discover the 3 Money Breakthroughs you need to grow a profitable business.
  • Identify the Money Breakthrough to focus on FIRST (and why).
  • Get the step-by-step process to create REAL and LASTING Money Goals.
  • Rewrite your “Money Story” so you have more choice, income, and impact.
  • Define your newly unleashed revenue and profit goals.
  • And much, much more!

Finish Lesson 1 with your Money Goals clearly DEFINED and all set to create your Money Plan for turning those Goals into REALITY.

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Lesson #2 - Your Ultimate Money Plan

Design the Money Plan that Works for Your Business

  • Whether you want to crack your first 6-figure year or make a million (or more!), this PROVEN planning framework will fast-track your goals and give you clarity and confidence.
  • Finally, know exactly what you need to do (and when) to create the income you want and build the business you love.
  • Discover the “90-Day Cycle Secret” that keeps you on track like never before (even if you’ve struggled to stick to your Money Plans in the past).
  • Shift from confusion and overwhelm to knowing exactly what and how much you need to sell, and when.
  • Learn how to scale up your growth so you always feel ready and in control (say goodbye to overwhelm and chaos!).
  • And much, much more!

Finish Lesson 2 with your Money Plan WRITTEN and ready to take ACTION that will get you into instant MOMENTUM.

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Lesson #3 - Money Breakthrough Blueprint

How to Maximise Your Business Profits

  • Transform your business journey with the Money Breakthrough Blueprint, a strategic roadmap that shows you how to tailor the 8 universal Growth Zones to achieve your unique money goals. 
  • Identify and prioritise the exact Money Actions you need to take in each Growth Zone that will directly contribute to your bottom line and give you a more predictable and reliable income.
  • Get instant clarity about where your blindspots might be and how to overcome them so you can step into a whole new level of leverage (you’ve had some traction, and now it’s time to FLY!).
  • Rewire your business approach so every part of your business works together to support your Money Goals.
  • Free yourself from working “in” the business and uncover how to get the support you need (plus how to feel confident paying for it).
  • This is where you step into a business that fully supports the life you aspire to live.
  • And much, much more!

Finish Lesson 3 with not just a plan but an awareness of the entire business-building process, including an “audit” of what’s working and exactly where you need more support.

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Lesson #4 - Your Next Money Move

What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW to Grow a Profitable, Sustainable Business That Doesn’t Burn You Out!

LIVE! Sunday, April 14 at 7.00 pm AEST (Sydney time)

  • Now you’ve got your Money Goals, your Money Plan and your Money Actions… it’s time to get moving!
  • But how do you do that so you stay on track and don’t burn out, and the momentum you’ve just gained doesn’t “fizzle” out?
  • In this special BONUS LIVE Session, you will discover the #1 mistake most businesswomen make when stepping into their Money Plan and taking bold Money Actions.
  • Find out the one tweak you can make to your process that’s a game changer when it comes to actually ACHIEVING your Money Goals.
  • Discover the “big business secret” that women small business owners are “borrowing” with MASSIVE success.
  • Learn what the “accountability deficit” is, and how to make sure you’re never stuck in procrastination, overwhelm and burnout again.
  • Get the opportunity to have Suzi and her team (plus a network of other amazing women business owners) in your corner so you don’t have to go through this journey alone.
  • And much, much more!

Finish Lesson 4 with your Next Money Move in place and the support and accountability you need to thrive like never before!

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

8-14 April

Get Your FREE Tickets (Valued at $397) Here Now

Breakthrough Implementation Guides

Money Breakthrough Workshop Implementation Guides

Your ticket to the Money Breakthrough Workshop includes all four lessons and accompanying BONUS Implementation Guides, your very own breakthrough playbooks. 

You’ll be able to move ahead with your Money Vision, Money Plan and the entire Money Breakthrough Blueprint so that you can do this on your own with confidence.

We’ve Helped Thousands of Women Have Money Breakthroughs and Grow Strong, Profitable Businesses

Amanda Farmer

She Stopped Exchanging Her Time For Money

Amanda Farmer knew she didn’t want to grow the typical law firm, exchanging her time for money. 

Amanda has successfully ‘broken the mould’ of what it means to be a lawyer,  replacing 50% of her 1:1 work with leveraged income — growing a profitable membership for strata owners and managers and being a sought-after speaker and media personality. 

“Looking at my profit regularly has made me realise my vision is achievable. I've mapped my financial goals over five years and worked backwards to establish what kind of marketing activity I need to do. And it's made my goals tangible.”

Amanda Farmer
Your Strata Property

Angela Counsel

10 Times As Many Clients Every Year with Less Effort

When she hit a ‘stuck’ point in her Menopause Coaching business, Angela Counsel was at a point where she was going to “bail out” or do something amazing. 

Angela was only getting 3 and 4 women into her high-dollar program, which wasn’t cutting it.  

Now she’s getting 30 and 40 women and has doubled her prices.  

She’s impacting thousands of women each year and recently brought on a team of coaches to help her deliver her life-changing programs. 

She has a Clear Money Vision and an up-to-date Money Plan and she is taking the Actions to step into the next level of growth.

Angela Counsel
Embrace Menopause

FREE Money Breakthrough Workshop.
One Week Only!

Date and Time

8-14 April 2024

Three workshop lessons will be delivered to you throughout the week, with the 4th lesson delivered LIVE on April 14 at 7.00 pm AEST (Sydney time) 


$397 Value. Yours FREE.

We’ve sponsored this program so that you get access at NO COST.



Attend without leaving your desk. Get access when you register.

$397 value. Yours FREE. One Week Only.

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

8-14 April

Get Your FREE Tickets (Valued at $397) Here Now

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This Program is For You If…

Money Breakthrough Workshop

You Want to be MORE PROFITABLE Without Burning Out

You’re ready to find a way to establish FINANCIAL STABILITY that doesn’t require you to work harder and harder and not have a life!

Money Breakthrough Workshop

You Need to Change Your Money Mindset & Boost Your Results

It’s time to trade in old Money Habits and uplevel your thinking. You’re ready to boost your results when it comes to your business finances!

Money Breakthrough Workshop

You Need a NEW
Money Plan For More Clarity & Focus

What got you to here, isn’t going to get you to the next stage of growth in your business. You need a reset and fresh focus on where to next!

There can be MANY Reasons You Need a Money Breakthrough!

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Growth Has Plateaued

No matter what you do, you can’t get past a specific revenue number in your business. We see this a TON and it can be stressful and frustrating not being able to break out of the money rut, especially if you’ve got big goals! 

Even if you’re doing well, not achieving your growth goals can be bewildering.

Here’s an ACTUAL response from our recent businesswomen’s survey…

“I don't know what to do next to grow my business. Our income has reached a plateau for the last couple of years, and I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. I should be grateful to be bringing in approx $250K. It seems like I could do more, but I don't have a path.”

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Old Money Habits & Traps

You can be growing your business and making sales but still not getting where you want to go (or not reaching your full potential) because of old money habits, traps and mindsets. Or maybe just taking your eyes off the numbers and running blind, especially if you don’t feel like you’re a “numbers person”!

Here’s an ACTUAL response from our recent businesswomen’s survey…

“I need a better understanding of my habits and traps. I can make more money when I want/need to, but then I also spend more too! Hard to notice that unless your eye is on the numbers.”

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Whether it’s finding the confidence to charge more, or finding the clients willing to pay (or even grappling with uncertainty about what the right price point actually is!), when you’re working too hard for the money, it’s almost impossible to grow and keep loving what you do!

Here’s an ACTUAL response from our recent businesswomen’s survey…

“I need clarity on the best way to reach a market that can pay for my services.”

And this!

“For many years, I failed to raise prices in line with my competitors because I was so afraid of the potential confrontation with disgruntled clients.”

Money Breakthrough Workshop

Overwhelm and “All The Things” While Growing Your Business

Managing all the moving parts as you scale your business is not for the faint-hearted, even if you’re ambitious! You can start experiencing burnout and uncertainty. How do you do it all and have a life as well!? 

Here’s an ACTUAL response from our recent businesswomen’s survey…

“Biggest challenge is balancing family, ambition, health, and business. It’s knowing what to focus on that will produce the most efficient results without sacrificing time and energy with family. I have the passion and the purpose. I know I need a mindset shift towards goals that are in harmony with my life.”

And these are just SOME of the Money issues I hear from women business owners every day!

That’s why we’re hosting this FREE Workshop!

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

8-14 April

Get Your FREE Tickets (Valued at $397) Here Now

What’s It Costing You NOT Having A Money Breakthrough?

The TRUE COST of not having a money breakthrough is more than just financial. 

This isn't just about money; it's about the unrealised potential within your business that remains dormant.

Consider the time you could be spending with loved ones, time that's currently consumed by the relentless pursuit of business success. And then there are the people who need what you offer, those who will remain without help if you can't achieve the growth necessary to reach them.

Ask yourself if you can continue to be everything for everyone without getting the true value your efforts deserve. The idea of treading water for the next few years, missing out on opportunities for more income, more enjoyment, a greater impact, and less burnout, is a daunting prospect.

But what if a breakthrough was within reach and could happen in just 7 days?

Letting this opportunity pass could cost not only your peace of mind but also a significant financial sum over the next several years, potentially amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About Suzi Dafnis

Suzi Dafnis is one of the most successful women business owners in Australia, having grown 5 multi-million dollar businesses, both at home and globally.

In addition to bringing the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books to the world and partnering with Robert Kiyosaki to create a global education and events empire, Suzi has grown several other massively successful businesses in the property, personal development and women’s business education spaces. And she’s also helped literally hundreds of thousands of other businesses grow and succeed.

Featured as an investor on Channel 7's Dragons’ Den television program and in countless media publications as a business growth expert, Suzi brings her three decades of experience anticipating trends, innovating new technologies, and successfully steering numerous businesses to growth to this FREE report.

  • BRW
  • HACCI Woman of Influence Award
  • Telstra Women in Business Award Finalist
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • Featured in Channel 7's Dragons’ Den
Suzi Dafnis, CEO HerBusiness


Money Breakthrough Workshop


We’ve got As to Your Qs!

How much does it cost?

Your ticket to the Money Breakthrough Workshop includes all four lessons and accompanying Implementation Guides. These give you step-by-step instructions.

And that's important because you can move ahead with your Money Vision, Money Plan and the entire Money Breakthrough Blueprint on your own with confidence. You’ll never feel like you don’t know what to do next again.

This workshop is entirely sponsored by HerBusiness — a value of $397, yours FREE, but only for a limited time.

What time are the lessons?

Lessons will be available from 8.00 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

  • Lesson 1 will be available from Monday, 8 April.
  • Lesson 2 will be available from Wednesday, 10 April
  • Lesson 3 will be available from Friday, 12 April.

Lesson 4 will be LIVE at 7.00 pm AEST (Sydney time) on Sunday, 14 April.

The workshop access ends on Sunday, 14 April.

How much do I have to participate?

You’ll get the most value by diving into the lessons, downloading and completing the guides (they’re super easy to complete), and asking questions relevant to your business situation in the Facebook Group. Lessons 1-3 go live at 8.00 am AEST on 8, 10 and 12 April, and you can also fit the lessons into your schedule. The lessons are broken down into small segments, so you can quickly watch them in small periods. PLUS, replays will be available until Sunday night.

How will the lessons be delivered?

The lessons will be delivered on a private online hub. You’ll get access to the website when you register. You can access your BONUS resources in the hub and ask relevant questions about your business situation.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

This workshop is right for you if you’re a woman business owner and want to see more profit in your business and move from having good and bad months to knowing reliably that your business is thriving.

When can I get started? 

We kick off on Monday, 8 April, at 8.00 am AEST. Once you register, you’ll receive reminder emails and your special ACCESS LINK. Access ends on Sunday, 14 April.

Money Breakthrough Workshop
For Women Business Owners!

Starts 8 April

Get Your FREE Tickets (Valued at $397) Here Now