REACH Higher
Fall Back in Love with Your Business

After a while in business we can find that we have lost touch with our love for the business.

We feel overwhelmed and out of control, working hard but devoid of the mojo we had when we started.  

Join this session to rediscover the awe, connect with your passion, and create an inspiring vision for your business.  

Tuesday, 10 October 10.30am AEDT

Communicate with Confidence

Who do you most want to communicate with? Who is it that you want to influence take action? How do you charge what you’re worth? Confident communication is an essential skill if you want to influence change and action.  

Join this session to discover how to powerfully position yourself and your business to reach more people.  

Wednesday, 11 October 2.00pm AEDT

How to Make a Dent in the World

You have a dream to make a difference with your business, to impact a lot of people and to really create change for your clients. And you really want to make a dent in the world. But you’re tired, and busy, and so close to burnout.

In this session to discover how to find the energy, the enthusiasm and the passion that will allow you to really make an impact.  

Friday, 13 October 10.00am AEDT

Your Host for the HerBusiness REACH Higher Series is Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness.

It’s been my privilege to lead HerBusiness for the past 22 years (two+ decades – WOW!) because, whilst I’ve enjoyed success in business, I’ve also experienced the highs and the lows – sometimes you can feel on top of the world and in control and other times you can feel isolated, exhausted and stuck.

What has made the biggest difference for me has always been having great people around me and having a lifelong commitment to learning.

That’s why I am so passionate about the work we do here at HerBusiness – providing a support network for women in business to get the mentors, connections, knowledge and skills they need to grow their confidence, make more money, build their businesses, expand their network and create the lives they love.  

I hope you’ll join me for this exclusive training series.

Suzi Dafnis