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Get More Clarity and Focus. Design that Exciting New Direction you KNOW is Waiting for You and Your Business.

This is EXACTLY what you need right now. Time and space to dream, envision, plan, reset and REACH into a bigger, more fulfilling, more aligned and authentic future that’s filled with all the possibilities of your heart’s desire (like, really, you CAN have what you want and we wanna help you find what that is!).

These women have all experienced the magic of The REACH Retreat

What I thought was "unachievable" is now totally within my reach!

I really wanted clarity for my business and to know where my role fit going forward.

Now I have a plan. I have a vision and I have the process that can take what I thought was just impossible, and make it possible... and all within a timeframe as well!

Yvonne Shepherd Women’s Fitness Adventures

I’m really excited to have a clearer vision of my business!

I needed to look at my business from the outside rather than being in it all the time!

The REACH Retreat has enabled me to see my business in a way I’ve never seen it before. I have a new excitement for my business.

Julie Hammond Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ

It’s so important to take time away from your business…

I was at a crossroads and really needed some direction.

The REACH framework gave me a vision and a path forward and helped me really understand what I wanted my life to look like.

Tracey Bode Zyteq

REACH has been transformational for me!

I’d been static for a while without goals.

Without the REACH process I would never have been able to conceptualise the plan and dream that I have for my business now.

Jacqui Brauman TBA Law

REACH gave us a chance to take a breath and really look at where we go from here…

Amazing women who you very quickly form very close and intimate relationships with.

I signed up for the REACH Retreat on the recommendation of a previous REACHer who had a fantastic experience. This was the first thing I'd done for myself in a long while. I had a sense. My intuition told me that I had to go, and it wasn't wrong.

There are so many benefits. Not only in the teachers and the learnings but also in the other amazing women with whom you very quickly form close and intimate relationships. You now sense that they will be lifelong friendships with these people you didn't even know beforehand.

REACH offered us an opportunity to take a breath, take a moment out of the business and look at where we go from here and what we are doing.

If you're thinking of coming to REACH Retreat, just do it..

Michelle French,

I knew I needed to think about things differently!

I saw the changes in the women who went last year; I wanted that for me!

I knew that I needed a change. I knew that I needed to do something different and to think about things differently. I was looking for a transformation.

The most important part has been having space, pause and not being distracted by all that happens in my day to day life.

I’ve faced some fears and uncomfortableness, but I’ve leaned into it, and it feels exciting. The small micro-adjustments I've made have set me on a different path.

Fiona Keary Style Liberation

I couldn’t think as BIG as I’m now thinking!

Coming to Hawaii for REACH Retreat changed everything for me.

I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level, but I didn't know the steps to take to make that happen.

I couldn’t think as big as I’m now thinking if I stayed back in Australia. The destination and being around amazing people was such a big part of me being able to think bigger.

Saying " I want to come to Hawaii" has enabled me to think bigger and BE bigger in my goals and direction.”

Tasha Jennings,
Conceive Baby

I signed up for REACH as something “for me”!

I wanted to get clear on what I wanted and how the business and my vision fit together.

When I signed up for REACH Retreat, it was something for me. Because I wanted to get clear on what I wanted and how the business and my vision fit together.

I wanted to put myself first. And this is the first time in all of my life that I have gone… ‘I'm spending money on me and this is just for me.’ The business is such a big part of me, and being here helps me make sure that it's still serving me and what I want.”

Chantel Gilbert
Bluegum Electrical & Solar

Allowed me to be in “my space”

It’s been enriching. I’ve grown personally.

One week here in beautiful Hawaii has allowed me time and space to think.
You know, I don't have to think about family. I don't have to think about work. I don't have to think about the everyday things that I have to do (which is more than a hundred things all the time!).

REACH Retreat has just allowed me to be in my space and think about what it is that I REALLY want and what I need to do to work towards that vision. It's been enriching for me because not only have I learnt a lot, I've also grown personally.

Helena Ung

Innovate Mental Arithmetic Australia

It’s been SO worth it!

After 8 years, I’d lost the passion for my business.

I decided, “this is my dream, and if I don’t do it now, I might not ever!” And I really needed these five days to concentrate on me and my business... and it’s been SO worth it!

Since attending REACH, Laurelle has achieved her no. 1 lifestyle goal and moved to her dream location, relocating her business and stepping more into her ideal life.

Laurelle Halford DIY Tour Guide

REACH Retreat Details



Outrigger Resort


Monday, 30 October -
Friday, 3 November 2023

Applications for the 2023 REACH Retreat are Now Open!


You’ve been in business for a few years and you’ve had some great success.

You’re a self-starter and you’ve worked hard.  

And when you can get the time (which is rare these days), you realise there are still so many more things you want to achieve.  

You feel a rush of excitement as you think abou the potential that exists in your busines. Because you can see it... but it's just past your reach. 

So, you ask... “How can I possibly do THAT?!”  

"There is so much that I'm already doing and I just need to have like-minded people to bounce ideas off to help me get more clarity."

Or maybe you just can’t get the time or focus to even get clear on what “THAT” is!  

Like one HerBusiness member who shared with me...

“I want to bring a renewed energy to my business and learn what is holding me back from being able to take it to the next level. 

Next level for me is ensuring a healthy and sustainable income stream that supports my staff and myself, and allows me to have work/life balance."

Can you relate?

Running a business… especially a busy one like yours, can feel like a marathon…  

And you can get tired and sometimes even lost along the way!  

That’s why you need to regularly give yourself space to refresh, reset and recharge! 

Because stopping, and taking the time for YOU to dream and fall in love with your business again, is one of the BEST financial decisions you can make!

When you have clarity and focus, nothing can stop you!

That's why...

We would love YOU to join us.

You, me and a small group of like-minded businesswomen sharing a 5-day all-inclusive experience to REACH new goals and BREAKTHROUGH to even more success... all in a stunning luxury resort in Hawaii!

When you join us for the HerBusiness REACH Retreat, you will be part of a small and select group of women business owners who will spend five days together in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, learning the practical 5-step process to re-imagine, re-engineer and REACH a new level in your business.  

This is where you will get that much-needed time for YOU.  

You'll step out of the day-to-day hustle and bustle and get a new, clear and more inspired perspective on what you want for your business AND how to get it.

Suzi Dafnis

Applications for the 2023 REACH Retreat are Now Open!

 More clarity, time to think clearly, the right next steps, and connection to a vision that inspires and compels you. 

"Making the leap to create what we really want requires a mental leap first."

"I have a clearer vision of what I want and where my life is going to be in the future and what our business is going to look like."

"I'd fallen out of love with my business. I hadn't stopped for 10 years. I knew I couldn't afford not to do this."

"I wanted to take a pause and re-evaluate where we were going as an organisation. But mostly I wanted to stop for me."

The "Quick" Overview...

The REACH Retreat — A 5-day Business Retreat for Women Who Want to Make a Dent in the World

30 October - 3 November 2023

Outrigger Resort and Spa, Hawaii (divine!)

Everything! You get 5 nights of luxury twin-share accommodation / all meals / all tuition from expert mentors / special "surprise" experiences + workshop materials, cultural experiences and more

(All you need to take care of is your flight to and from the venue).  

Enjoy a balance of:

  • Group training and mentoring
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Planning and strategy exercises
  • Messaging strategy sessions
  • Solo-time for journalling and dreaming 
  • A healthy dash of R&R including - Relaxation time - Hawaiian feasts - Morning mindfuless - Cultural experiences and more!  
  • An unmatched experience of access to mentors and like-minded women

OVER $28,300 in Value Included

  • 5 x Full-Day Personalised & Interactive Intimate Group Training Sessions With World-Class Mentors - $21,000
  • 5 Nights Luxury Accommodation Twin Share - $2,000
  • All Meals & Refreshments - $1,500
  • Surprise Fun & Cultural activities - $1,500
  • Daily Ocean-Side Yoga Sessions with Specialised Instructor - $500
  • Daily Juice & Journaling Sessions - $500
  • Special Gifts & Goodies - $800
  • REACH Online Community - PRICELESS
  • REACH Pre-Event Preparation Training - $500

Plus $3,500 in Exclusive Bonuses

4 Month REACH Up Bonus

4-Month REACH UP
Coaching Program

You get an extra special bonus 4-month REACH Up Program at no extra cost.

That’s four extra months of mentoring and support from the REACH Mentors, after your Hawaii experience, to really get your plan happening when you get home.

Value: $1,500  

REACH Process Bonus Templates

REACH Process™ Templates and Worksheets

A suite of practical worksheets and templates:

Includes a series of Templates and Blueprints for each of the REACH Process days.

These will be your roadmap when you leave - so that you can follow your action plans for all areas of business with clarity.

And these are blueprints that are created and designed specifically for this program - and that you won’t find anywhere else.

Value: $2,000

PLUS Access to the exclusive REACH RETREAT Alumni community for graduates and REACH Mentors so that you continue to get support long after the event.
Value: Priceless

That’s over $30,800 in value, yours when you attend The REACH Retreat.

 Your Investment

No payment is required at the time of application. Payment plans are available upon request. Email us or use Live Chat for details. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Member prices apply to current HerBusiness Network members.  Further discounts apply to REACH graduates and Mastermind members. Contact us for details.

Applications for the 2023 REACH Retreat are Now Open!

Outcomes You Can Expect 

Surge of Energy

A new surge of energy for your business 

After the REACH Retreat, you will be re-energised. People will wonder what your secret is as you recapture the spark you had when you first started your business and you find it so much easier to take action, set goals and stay focused.     

Sense of Support

A sense of being supported 

When you’re the one out in front in your business, it can feel isolating. Friends and family often don’t understand. And there are some things you can’t talk to your team about. During the REACH Retreat, you’ll find your support network. Other business owners will become your cheerleaders and your sounding boards who will support you as you REACH further in your business.  

More Money


YES! Being in business is about making money… and while you’ve had success in this area, and you know there’s a LOT more potential in your business than you are tapping right now. Use the 5-Step REACH Process to see the opportunities in your business and get clear on the specific actions you can take to turn that potential into real dollars.  

Clear Plan

A clear plan

Using the 5-step REACH Process, you will develop a clear plan. With this plan (we call it a "REACH Map") you’ll be able to go back into your business feeling “ready” and with a clear set of actions - now you know what you can STOP doing as well as being laser-focused on what you need to START doing to get the results you want. 

Bigger Game

A bigger game 

If you’ve been feeling for a while that you want to “step things up” - make more money, grow your business, take on a new project or expand into a new product line - whatever it is… when we think about playing a bigger game, it can feel intimidating. Making the “bold” move often sounds good in theory but can be harder to do in practice. Procrastination, fear, and lack of knowledge can all kick in. The REACH Retreat is about supporting you to take that BIG action and create that new SHIFT. 

Have Some Fun

Have some fun

It can all get so serious in business, juggling many deadlines, priorities, and demands. Isn’t it time you had some more joy and fun again? Just for YOU? And it makes good business sense too. When you can make life and business enjoyable, you make it sustainable, and you magnetically attract opportunities and great people to you.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Simply attend the retreat, and if you're not completely satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we will arrange a 100% no-questions-asked refund.

The REACH Retreat is a Game-Changing Experience that Unlocks Your Business Potential

Amy Geach

“I’m forever grateful.”

Amy came to REACH a busy Mum and business owner, overwhelmed, unclear and feeling disconnected from all the things she loved when starting her business.

And she had 3 significant breakthroughs… but one of them was game-changing. 

“One night at dinner…. A fellow ‘REACHER’ said to me, ‘Your business is so BORING!”’ (like announced it to the whole world!!!)….. and we had a GREAT game-changing conversation about me holding back in my business and not putting my personality into my brand.

This was a fantastic insight for me – I had been creating the business I thought I should have.

That one conversation on that one night changed so much for me.

From this, I rebranded my business and put myself right into the brand and for the first time in a long time, things feel really good, authentic, and easier.

Forever grateful.

Amy Geach
Health Nest Hand and Wrist Therapy

Amey Lee

“The best thing I have done for my business.”

Amey’s been running her brand and content agency for 7.5 years. And now that her “tiny” kids are becoming “little kids,” she decided it's time to grow and take things to the next level.

She has a big vision to grow her team, grow her offering and get the support she needs to build her very own million-dollar micro business.

When she applied for REACH, she told us her main goals for attending were… “to take time out to invest in me and work ON my business, and get support and motivation to take the next steps I need to take to achieve my goals.”

Fast forward to life after returning from REACH Retreat 2022, and here’s what Amey said:

The REACH Retreat is the best thing I have done for myself and my business. A game-changing experience with a group of inspiring women. And, led by incredible mentors. And it costs you NOTHING to express interest. 

Amey Lee
Heart Content

Cat Matson

“I hadn’t allowed myself to hold a BIG vision.”

Cat Matson who started her “side hustle” business to help people learn to speak with confidence and authority.

And it grew quickly! It reached the point in its growth where Cat could see the possibility of her business operating “at scale” (which had ALWAYS been her dream). She realised the possibilities she’d created for herself were light-years ahead of what she thought.

So she got curious… “What's next? What's possible?”

When she applied for REACH, she told us “I *think* why I'm filling out this application is because I haven't *really* allowed myself to hold a big vision for myself for a long time. And I'm getting the sense that I'm ready. I'm ready to step up to what's possible for me.”

Here’s what Cat said about her REACH experience:

“The most fabulous experience. It’s completely changed how I see my business. If you’re thinking about it, register your interest. It really is a game-changer.

Cat Matson
Impactful Presenters

What are the benefits for YOU?Just Ask The Women From REACH Retreat…

REACH Retreat Attendee - Janine Barr

I’ve been able to just turn that volume down and for once, just put me first.

“REACHing for me has been about asking myself to be more and to look more deeply into who I could be and what's important to me. And I think that's one of the things I've really loved about the journey of being here.  

My life is so consumed by all of the people and all the things that I'm needed for in my day to day life. And so here I’ve been able to just turn that volume down and for once, just put me first. 

I’d already got all my value by Day Two because I could see that just in that short amount of time of taking time to pause and reflect and envision I’d had so many insights. And the rest of the program has just been an amazing bonus.  

The one word that I would use to sum up the REACH Retreat is glorious. It’s been a glorious, wild ride with wonderful women and it's just been a joy to be part of.”

Janine Barr Genratec, New Zealand

REACH Retreat Attendee - Dianne Irving

I now have a powerful vision and know all the steps in between to get to that vision.

“I came to the REACH Retreat really hoping to gain clarity and a vision for my Book Publishing business. 

And I got far more than that.  

With the support of the other powerful women in the room and the mentors, I was able to completely broaden my whole picture of what’s possible. I got incredible clarity and it was wonderful to not only create a powerful vision, but to also to know all the steps in between to get to that vision.  

Coming to Hawaii for the REACH Retreat gave me the ability to really step out of the day to day life and there were so many powerful things that came out of that. One is just to actually relax. I think we're so busy, busy, busy and stepping away from the everyday life in these beautiful surroundings has given me more clarity and enabled me the time and space to go deeper with some of the areas that I really wanted to work on.”

Dianne Irving Little Tulip Books, Princeton USA

Estelle Cornell

Each Day My Life Gets Better and Better.

There are so many great things about attending The REACH Retreat. For me, some of them were NETWORKING, FRIENDSHIPS, LEARNING to UNDERSTAND my business BETTER, and having the TIME AWAY to FOCUS 100% on it.

It was a WONDERFUL, RELAXED ATMOSPHERE with AMAZING PEOPLE who I have continued to be FRIENDS with. 

Since that week, I have returned to DARWIN and FOCUSED on everything I’ve wanted to do. I’ve EXPANDED into EXTRA STORES across Darwin and the suburbs, and I love life every day. I BELIEVE this has only been possible for me by having that WEEK AWAY in Hawaii to really UNDERSTAND and RECHARGE. 

To be able to FOCUS and do EXACTLY what is BEST for me, my HEART and SOUL, and what I always wanted to be. 

Each day, my LIFE GETS BETTER and BETTER. 

ENJOY, ladies. Each and every one of you will get SO MUCH out of this one week that you WON’T BELIEVE it. 


Estelle Cornell
Allora Gardens Nursery

Clarify your vision and cut through anything holding you back

I LOVE this goal from one of the women coming along...

"I want a clear vision for me and my business. I want to identify what's holding me back (I have an inkling what it is) and create strategies to cut through the crap and create a life I know (deep down) I can.”

Here’s What We Have Planned for You…

It all starts the moment you arrive at the luxurious Outrigger Resort & Spa in Waikiki.

There is something very special about this place… and it’s not just the great expanse of ocean that is right at your doorstep...

REACH Retreat - REACH Process

There is a sense of possibility here.

I felt it the very first time I arrived.

It was 1993.

I was 26 years old and feeling a little lost. I’d been working and travelling overseas for a while and I came home feeling at a loose end.

When I look back now, I can see I was soul-searching. I wanted more from life.

I could feel all this amazing potential that was within me… but I just didn’t see how to free it up… how to create the life I sensed was possible for me.

A friend had recommended I go along to an event called the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs being run in Hawaii at the very same place I want to take you (it’s had a major and stunning refurbishment since then).

At the time, the Business School was a giant leap outside my comfort zone… both financially (I saved for months to get the money together) and mentally (I had never invested so much in my business education before).

But I remember just having this “feeling” that, even though it felt far out of my reach and I was fearful about going, this was something I really needed to do.

So I made the commitment to go… I felt at the time like I was being pulled towards the next BIG step I needed to take.

And maybe right now you are being pulled towards YOUR next big step or idea.

Maybe you’re even doing some soul-searching — sensing the potential in your business, but just not quite sure how to get to the next stage.

It could be you want to expand, re-design or find a new direction for your business. It might be that you want to break through to a new way of “being” that frees you from past obstacles and limiting beliefs about your success and enables you to feel more empowered, confident and in control.

Or it might be that you’re “stuck” and you need a reboot, or you’re ready to stop playing small and finally get the financial rewards you know are possible for you.

If so, joining me in Hawaii might be just what you’re looking for.

The new perspectives I got when I made that leap to attend the Business School in Hawaii totally changed the course of my life.

And I DID go on to find my next BIG idea, and that led to two successful businesses in Australia and in the US.

Those businesses went on to help hundreds of thousands of people, creating financial freedom for me and my partner in the process.

And, most importantly, I finally felt I was living on purpose. Now I was doing EXACTLY what I was meant to be doing — and my business was really serving ME.

And as I look back now at the picture of that young woman who was making her first foray into really seeing and believing in her future, I am so glad she made that leap.

Here is a picture of me at that life-changing Business School in Hawaii, which really marked my turning point as a businesswoman. The time when I first caught a glimpse of my potential and how to REACH it.

And part of getting there was being with a group of other business owners — and in being away from the day to day grind — to really be able to create something transformative.

So I know, in the deepest place in my heart, the power of making this trip to Hawaii…

That’s why I have been back many times since that first visit — to recharge, to reconnect and to re-create. There is just something magical about this place!

And this time I want to take you with me...

I’ve dreamed for many years of bringing a small, intimate group of HerBusiness members to experience the transformation that I know is possible… and I am beyond thrilled to see the REACH Retreat become a reality.

Inspiration and Renewal... 

Just imagine yourself experiencing this…  

When we arrive, you will have some time to get settled into your beautifully-appointed room and wander the picturesque grounds… the ocean just a stone’s throw away.  

Then it’s time to say Aloha to your fellow Retreat participants at a special Welcome session followed by cocktails or mocktails and a traditional Haleo Luau and celebratory dinner.  

It’s here you will begin to get a sense that, by the end of these 5 days, these women will become your friends, supporters and cheerleaders, for life.  

Because this is not your usual event.  

This is a special gathering that goes beyond what you might have experienced before.  

At some point during these 5 days you will feel this shift too.  

The shift from feeling like you’re part of a “program” to feeling more like you’re sharing an experience with your “ohana” (your family). And feeling the shift that's imminent for your business.

2017 REACH Retreat Attendees

Each morning, we will meet for our morning ritual to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and mindfully for the day ahead. Breathing in the morning Mana (Mana is a life energy that flows through all things) as we journal, reflect, refocus and open ourselves to new learnings before heading to a healthy breakfast.

Mornings at the REACH Retreat

Because to look after your business… you need to look after you. And that’s a BIG part of what will happen at the HerBusiness REACH Retreat.  

This is YOUR time to rejuvenate. To reconnect with what you want to create.  

After a glorious morning and a leisurely breakfast, it will be time to meet up in the Diamond Head meeting room.  

Here is where you will find a new perspective (and a new plan!) for your business.  

The journey you will take over the next 5 days is one that has been designed from beginning to end to help you REACH your business goals… with time built in for you to enjoy this magnificent island along the way.

HerBusiness REACH Retreat

Applications for the 2023 REACH Retreat are Now Open!

REACH Retreat - REACH Process

The REACH Process Helps You Get Where You Want to Go...

The REACH process unfolds over the 5 days we are together, with a mix of study and learning, practical processes and exercises, discussions and inspiration.  

This is a life-changing 5 days for your business, which takes you away from your daily grind so you can really think clearly and reach for new goals.  

Each day we explore a new dimension of the 5-part REACH process...


Day One: Reflect
Today is all about becoming present…

As we say Aloha we acknowledge where you are today. Because moving forward starts with knowing where you are now, we shine a light on the journey that got you to this point. You get time to see things as they really are right now, to acknowledge the current reality and to bring your whole self to this experience.  

This day is about doing a business audit - inspecting your business and looking back. What's worked? What do you need to keep? What's not working? What do you want to stop?

Because moving forward takes making the time to Pause and recalibrate. Before the day is through you’ll create your ‘Here and Now’ map so that you have a strong foundation to launch from, as you start to design your future.


Day Two: Envision
Today is all about looking ahead to the unlimited possibilities available to you…

Today you start to create the ultimate picture of the life and business you want. This is your permission to dream and reach for the stars as you clarify a new vision. You'll reconnect with your inspiration. Just like the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, known for her passion and power, destroys the old to create the new, so too will you harness and focus your passion, enthusiasm and attention towards the new future, the “prime dream” you wish to create. Breaking through old ways and expanding on what is possible for you. This day is about creating your big vision and your Strategic Plan.


Day Three: Actualise
Today is a powerful day where we move into Action…

Knowing where you want to go is one thing… but how do you get there? It takes a level of personal power to make things happen — a level of boldness. 

And it takes a solid business plan. During this part of the REACH Process you will start to create your 'Realisation Map'… this is where you’ll work on the plan for your “prime dream” and map out just how you're going to make it happen.  

This is unlike any plan for your business you’ve ever done before and it could be the missing ingredient you’ve been waiting for.  

Because when you connect your intention with your vision, you get a powerful clarity about exactly what you need to do next… and a confidence and enthusiasm to do it!

REACH Process - Connect

Day Four: Connect
Today you’ll discover how to connect to the people, strengths, resources and insights you need as you step into action and begin REACHing toward your vision.

This is a powerful day to assimilate all you’ve Reflected on and Envisioned and helps you tap into the energy and awareness you need to move your Actualise plans into momentum.

Through a series of exercises and insights, you connect to your vision and your message, as well as the resources, people and situations at your disposal to support you to REACH further and step more fully into your heart’s desire!

You also connect to what might be holding you back. Because when we dream bigger and reach further, our resistance and uncertainty can flare up. This is normal and there are some simple, yet powerful things you can do to move forward with ease and excitement, feeling connected and confident and READY to REACH!


Day Five: Hero
Today is all about YOU...

Today, you start to create the ultimate picture of the life and business you want. This is your permission to dream and reach for the stars as you clarify a new vision. You'll reconnect with your inspiration.

Today is about passion and power, destroying the old to create the new.

It's about creating a way of being and stepping into the new you that will realise the goals and dreams that you've created this week.

Today, you harness and focus your passion, enthusiasm and attention towards the new future, the “prime dream” you wish to create. Breaking through old ways and expanding on what is possible for you.

This day is about creating the structures that will hero your new vision..

Applications for the 2023 REACH Retreat are Now Open!

One Magic Moment After Another...

And all along the way you will experience one magical moment after another…  

From cocktails and mocktails at sunset…

2017 HerBusiness REACH Retreat

To quiet times for reflection, where you can find your way to the water’s edge…

To eating some amazing food and enjoying the famous Hawaiian hospitality and culture…

REACH Retreat - Dining Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where is the REACH Retreat?

The HerBusiness REACH Retreat is in the paradise of Hawaii from 30 October - 3 November 2023.

What do you actually GET at the REACH Retreat?

Your tuition for the 5-Day REACH Retreat includes over $28,300 in value:

  • 5 x Full-Day Personalised & Interactive Intimate Group Training Sessions With World-Class Mentors - $21,000
  • 5 Nights Luxury Accommodation Twin Share - $2,000
  • All Meals & Refreshments - $1,500
  • Surprise Fun & Cultural activities - $1,500
  • Daily Ocean-Side Yoga Sessions with Specialised Instructor - $500
  • Daily Juice & Journaling Sessions - $500
  • Special Gifts & Goodies - $800
  • REACH Online Community - PRICELESS
  • REACH Pre-Event Preparation Training - $500

What are the special BONUSES I get?

We’ve created over $3,500 worth of extra bonuses for you, FREE with your REACH tuition.

4-Month REACH UP Coaching Program

You get an extra-special bonus 4-month REACH Up Program at no extra cost. That’s four extra months of mentoring and support from the REACH Mentors after your Hawaii experience to really get your REACH plan happening when you get home. Value: $1,500

REACH Process™ Templates and Worksheets

A suite of practical worksheets and templates: Includes a series of Templates and Blueprints for each of the REACH Process days. These will be your roadmap when you leave - so that you can clearly follow your action plans for all business areas. And these are blueprints created and designed specifically for this program - which you won’t find anywhere else. Value: $2,000

Access to the exclusive REACH Retreat Alumni

Get exclusive access to the REACH Retreat Alumni Community for graduates and mentors so that you can continue to get support long after the event and maintain the incredible relationships you’ll form at REACH. Value: Priceless

What size business is this for (and is my business too big / too small)?

The REACH Retreat is for businesses of all sizes...the unifying factor is that we all want to grow and take our business to the next level, whatever that means for you.

Ideally, you have been in business for more than 5 years, but you can still apply if you have at least 2 years business experience.

I'm worried I might not be able to make enough of a contribution / won't fit in (yes, "The Resistance" is kicking in!). How can I know this is right for me?

So, what’s “The Resistance”? It’s that inner critic that tells us to go slow, to not take risks, to stay safe. It’s the voice that tells us to be rational. Underlying the resistance is fear. Fear can take a hold of us when we try and reach higher - to go from one level to a higher level in our lives and in our business.  

The REACH Retreat is right for you if...

  • You have some big goals for your business and you know you need some help now to reach those goals 
  • You have reached a "stuck" place in your business and you're ready to find "a new way to do things" to get better results
  • You have a growing business and that growth is creating complexities you know you need help dealing with
  • You might have started your business with a partner or spouse and somewhere along the way you felt you got lost and you're ready to find a renewed way to "show up" and make a difference to where it's going and how you get there!
  • You've held a corporate role and climbed the ladder of success, only to find it's leaning against the wrong wall - and now you've struck out on your own to grow the business YOU want to create

We know YOU have an amazing contribution to make. And we know YOU can have the business (and life!) you love.

What is the Agenda?

During the 5-day REACH Retreat, you will experience a mix of classroom group learning, hot seats, round table discussions plus dedicated time for implementation and strategic thinking. 

Each of the 5 days is represented by one of the important parts of the REACH Process™:

  • Monday - Reflect
  • Tuesday - Envision
  • Wednesday - Actualise
  • Thursday - Connect
  • Friday - Hero

At every step through the process you will be creating your REACH Implementation Map which will give you a framework to take the new strategies and insights from the Retreat back into your business.

What is the group size?

We are keeping our numbers small and intimate, so you know you’re going to get a lot of special care and attention during our time together.  

How do I apply?

As you can tell from what we’ve got planned, this is a really special experience.  

And you know that making all this happen — including all your accommodation and meals and special outings takes a lot to put together…  

So it’s an expensive event. And it’s not for everyone.  

But if you know the value of taking some time out to completely recharge in body, mind and spirit… and what that can mean for your life and your business… then you’ll also know how valuable this precious time will be for you.  

My advice to you, even if you’re just thinking about it, is to apply now. Because this is only for a select few and places will fill fast.  

Once you’ve filled out the application, I will be in touch to arrange a time for you and I to chat to review your application and confirm the program is right for you.  

I so hope you will join us!