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The HerBusiness Network

There has never been a better time to connect with like-minded women and get access to mentors and business support.

HerBusiness is the most collaborative and supportive network for women business who are ready to grow and scale their business.

We love to help women finally create a profitable business that gives them the impact, income and results that they want.

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Suzi Dafnis — CEO, HerBusiness


Sales and Connections Are Waiting for You Inside the HerBusiness Network

Running a business by yourself can be lonely. Add to that the pressure of always having to bring in new business, and it can feel overwhelming.  

What if you could solve both challenges at once?  

That’s the HerBusiness Network.  

Inside you’ll immediately have access to the Connection Blueprint which walks you through our proven process for finding and developing high quality business relationships. The good news is, these relationships are already waiting for you inside our community.  

By the way, these are business relationships that lead to direct results in your business. 

Get exclusive access to the HerBusiness Network

The doors to HerBusiness Network Membership are currently closed. My team and I are completely focused on supporting our HerBusiness Network members to grow and scale their businesses!


HerBusiness Has Been Specifically Designed to Give You Support Where You Need it Most

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Your HerBusiness Network Membership includes THOUSANDS of dollars in value for an investment of less than $25 a week.

Join for just $97 a month (cancel anytime) or $970 a year (SAVE $194).

Get exclusive access to the HerBusiness Network

The doors to HerBusiness Network Membership are currently closed. My team and I are completely focused on supporting our HerBusiness Network members to grow and scale their businesses!

Find Connections. Develop Relationships. Generate Sales.

What Our Members Say

"I've won clients and referrals from Members!"

Amey Lee - Heart Content

I've been very active in the members' Facebook Group and the Network in general, running masterclasses, attending Roundtables, communicating with other members. As a direct result, I've won clients and met other HerBusiness members who have referred clients to me. 

My business has grown. I've become more confident in running my business and in playing a bigger game than I was playing before I was a member.

Amey Lee - Heart Content

"I never imagined this growth was possible"

Kylie Marks - The Doggie Bakery

"I never imagined this growth was possible"
“The support from HerBusiness and members, the knowledge, the guidance, has been paramount to this growth. I would never have imagined the growth that we’ve had in our business was even possible.”

Kylie Marks - The Doggie Bakery

"I get answers to my questions"

Kaye Ure

Being a member of the HerBusiness Network solves the problem of “where do I go to resolve XX in my business”?

There is a resource of people with essential skills that can answer any of my questions.

Being a member also solves the problem of feeling like I am alone and doing it on my own - there are other people I can reach out to if I want to.

Kaye Ure - Kaye Ure Styling Individuals

"I've filled gaps in my knowledge."

Fiona Keary - Style Liberation

Being HerBusiness Network Member gives me access to a huge library of world class resources, a fantastic mentoring program and the opportunity to be part of the HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind. I have been able to fill the gaps in my business knowledge (mainly marketing) and apply that knowledge to grow my business. 

The mentoring program has been brilliant and I really feel my business wouldn't be growing the way it has if it weren't for that.

Fiona Keary - Style Liberation

"A gained a true sense of community."

Jai Harvey Yin

I joined the HerBusiness Network because I wanted to learn more about marketing ... social media in particular. 

What I gained though was a true sense of community, a safe place to be vulnerable. 

I find that as an entrepreneur, my team look to me for all the answers, sometimes I just don't have them. That can be very isolating and stressful. 

Having a community that I can share that with is invaluable to me, and the business friendships i've made are too.

My favourite thing is the Roundtables.

Jai Harvey-Yin - Absolute Spa

"The transactions come as a result of connections."

Frances Pratt - Kiss to Sell

What I love most are the enduring friendships that I've made with other members.

The transactions come as a result of the connections. I've seen a massive boost in the last 12 months.

In the last 9 months, we've seen over $13,000 in business from working with other members. [edit: now $30,385!]

When you engage more, you show up more, you get curious... you create more relationships, and the opportunities come.

Frances Pratt - Metisan

"I find HerBusiness really supportive and educational!"

Sonia Magliocchi

Running a start-up can be lonely and I find HerBusiness really supportive and educational. I’m really impressed with the depth of content available in the podcasts and webinars. There is a good sense of familiarity and sense of belonging too – something I picked up very quickly being a part of the closed Facebook Group with HerBusiness.

Sonia Magliocchi - Digital Marketing Specialists

"I no longer feel alone in my business"

Sue Carmody

HerBusiness membership means I no longer feeling alone in my business. By being able to listen to regularly updated podcasts and webinars as well as attending Roundtable events where I get to meet fellow members, I have felt much more connected and part of a community of people who help to encourage me to work towards my goals both on a personal and professional level.

Sue Carmody - Sue Carmody Photography

Get exclusive access to the HerBusiness Network

Simply request an invitation for the next time we open the doors to the HerBusiness Network.