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Because Success is All In Your Head

The 3 Pivotal Thoughts Women Business Owners Need to “REWIRE” Their Approach, Dream Bigger and Finally Transition to a Six and Seven-Figure Business.

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Welcome to The 3 Reflections

The 3 pivotal thoughts that women business owners need to “REWIRE” their approach and finally transition to a six and seven-figure business.

Because guess what? Success is all in your head!

Sure, there are many tactics and strategies you need to have in place to be successful, and I can tell you about those too…

But my observation, after taking my own business journey from zero to 6-figures and then 7-figures and then 8-FIGURES -- and after helping more than 30,000 women breakthrough in their business for the past 27 years -- is that there are 3 simple personal reflections each of us needs to make to transform our thoughts, rewire our minds and create the perfect conditions for success to happen.

And when you are stuck in the tactics and strategies -- even if you’re doing EVERYTHING right -- without these 3 reflections, it can still feel like you’re not getting anywhere; like you’re taking one step forward and one step back; like you don’t have a seat at the “big table” because you’re doubting yourself or you’re unclear on what to let go of and what to invest more of you into.

That’s why I created these three breakthrough audio sessions.

In just a few moments you’ll ignite an abundance of untapped possibilities that make your big dreams possible.

The 3 Reflections
Suzi Dafnis

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The 3 Reflections
The 3 Reflections
The 3 Reflections
The 3 Reflections

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The 3 Reflections Audio Sessions are for You If...

  • You’ve reached a point where you’re ready for YOUR POTENTIAL to fly but you feel stuck
  • Growth has started to take off but it’s clear that something has to SHIFT for you to move to that NEXT LEVEL in your business
  • Your CONFIDENCE has been shaken because you feel like some days you take one step forward and two steps back
  • The SPARK and EXCITEMENT you had when you started out has been diminished by the sheer workload you’re dealing with every day and you want to reignite your passion for your business
  • Your AUDACIOUS GOALS have taken a back seat for too long because you don’t have the support or resources to scale
  • You’re unable to make the time or find the MOTIVATION to work on the BIG PICTURE without putting in MORE hours

What Business Women Are Saying

Peta Gillian

“You Give Us Confidence”

You’ve failed and risen, which shows your strength of character. You give us hope that we can do it too. Of course, there are ups and downs, and you share this vulnerability too, so it’s real. Through your stories, we see parts of ourselves, and this helps builds confidence.

Peta Gillian, Strong Healthy Women

Joanna Neale

“You Dare Us To Play A Big Game”

You help businesswomen dare to play their biggest game in a supportive and encouraging environment led by someone successful, brilliant and authentic :).

Joanna Neale, B Anderson Roofing

Kaye Ure

“Step Past Personal Limiting Beliefs”

Suzi asks us questions so that we see what is in the way of our success. Then, she helps women help women to play a bigger game, be financially successful, step past their personal limiting beliefs — all while being compassionate.

Kaye Ure, Styling Individuals

Laverne Proctor

“You Are Supporting Women to Shine”

You are supporting women to shine their light - I'm, for one, in deep gratitude for what you do tirelessly to lift other women - who need the encouragement to step out. What an awesome life purpose.

Laverne Proctor, Chiron Spectra