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Turn Your Leads into Sales


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Are people coming to your website but not opting in?

Do people LOVE your content but you're struggling to find a way to turn those subscribers into sales?

Do you currently have an eBook or a Lead Magnet that is just not working?

Are you stuck wondering how to attract the attention of your ideal customers amidst a sea of noise online?

Suzi and Michelle

Watch this webinar and let us show you how we've used lead magnets to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon have been successfully creating Lead Magnets to attract new clients, generate sales and build customer loyalty for more than a decade. 

Whether you have a product or a service; whether you sell direct to the consumer or to other businesses; lead magnets can work for you.

Discover the 3-Part Process that not only makes creating your Lead Magnet easier... but also ensures you create the RIGHT first step for your sale... it all starts with your Lead Magnet!

What others have to say about the Turn Your Leads into Sales webinar:

  • “Thank you. The presentation gave me greater clarity around the whole process and particularly my lead magnet.” — Suzanne 
  • “The webinar has opened up my mind and put me into thinking mode of how I can adapt this to my businesses.” — Jacqueline 
  • “This webinar was a great reminder to design and implement a planned, stepped process.” — Sheryn 
  • “Using real-life case studies were excellent to help absorb the info.” — Sonia 
  • “Very clear and practical help to get started and progress.” — Pia 
  • “Loved the enthusiasm! and the idea that it is do-able with a system.” — Philippa