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Join the the Most Supportive and Collaborative Network For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Grow and Scale Their Business.

The HerBusiness Network

Discover how HerBusiness members are experiencing more revenue, reach and impact without having to work harder and harder.

Running a business by yourself can be lonely. Add to that the pressure of always having to bring in new business, and it can feel overwhelming.

What if you could solve both challenges at once?

That’s the HerBusiness Network.

Inside the Network, you’ll immediately have access to the Connection Blueprint, which walks you through our proven process for finding and developing high-quality business relationships. The good news is that these relationships are already waiting for you inside our community.

And, you quickly find your personalised growth path so that you can stop ‘winging it’ in business and grow your business intentionally and with a proven system that has helped thousands of women grow successful six and seven-figure businesses.

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Join the Leading Women’s Business Mastermind in Australia…

This is How You ESCAPE Overwhelm and Get The Support You Need - Along With a Focused Plan That ACTUALLY Works to Get MORE of Your Ideal Clients, Make a Difference and Create The Business You LOVE

Join Other Successful Women Business Owners Who Are Doubling, Tripling Their Revenue, Creating New Marketing Funnels and Growing Their Audience and Income.

FINALLY, Get REAL Results—> Money • Impact • Growth

And Step Into a NEW Phase of Growth & Success In Your Business...


The Program People Have Called “Life-Changing,” “Transformational,” and “The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself” is Back for 2023… and YOU’RE Invited!”

The REACH Retreat

Get More Clarity and Focus. Design that Exciting New Direction you KNOW is Waiting for You and Your Business

We couldn’t be MORE excited to be bringing The REACH Retreat back!

This is EXACTLY what you need right now.

Time and space to dream, envision, plan, reset and REACH into a bigger, more fulfilling, more aligned and authentic future that’s filled with all the possibilities of your heart’s desire (like, really, you CAN have what you want and we wanna help you find what that is!).

Join our most-loved retreat for women business owners.

30 October - 3 November 2023


The “Secret Weapon” Australia’s Top Businesswomen Consistently Use To Stay Focused and Successful

Discover why having a MENTOR is the No.1 thing Australia’s Top Business Women Do To Stay Focused and Successful. PLUS, Get bonus tips on how to find YOUR ideal mentor.

"Right from my early days, I’ve always had Mentors, from when I started my first business in a spare bedroom in my house!

They’ve helped me avoid mistakes, picked me up, and helped me correct my course when I went wrong.

Without them, I can’t imagine how I would have achieved what I have.

That’s why I’m so passionate about Mentoring as a way for business owners to really make a difference in their lives and the lives of others."

Suzi Dafnis
CEO, HerBusiness

HerBusiness Mentoring

Our HerBusiness Network Members See Amazing Growth in Their Businesses Year on Year…
… in all different types of industries, online and offline, selling products OR services and creating businesses they LOVE.

Amey Lee, Heart Content

In the last 12 months, more than 50% of my clients have come from HerBusiness members and their referrals.

My business has grown. I've become more confident in running my business and in playing a bigger game.

I've been very active in the members' Facebook Group and the Network in general, running masterclasses, attending Roundtables, communicating with other members. As a direct result, I've won clients and met other HerBusiness members who have referred clients to me. 

My business has grown. I've become more confident in running my business and in playing a bigger game than I was playing before I was a member.

Amey Lee
Heart Content

Chantel Gilbert

I had done what I could on my own. I needed help to get where I wanted to go next.

Increased Revenue, More Clients, and a Bigger Team

I think the best thing about this relationship is just having someone to work through the challenges with. Rather than give me the answers, my mentor poses the right questions and helps me work out a solution. Then I am able to truly learn for myself.

Chantel Gilbert
Bluegum Electrical Solutions

Tasha Jennings

Business is finally financially rewarding and growing year on year.

I knew the big picture but I was struggling with the steps on how to get there...

Coupling my passion and drive with what MasterMind has offered has propelled my business forward. Before joining, my business was making a loss. Since joining I have turned my business around into a profit making enterprise!

Tasha Jennings
Conceive Baby

A 500% growth in my business.

For Yvonne, it was the difference between a hobby and a thriving business.

Suzi has become one of my most trusted business advisors. Her insight into the mind of the female small business operator has helped grow my business confidence.

Suzi’s depth of business knowledge and guidance and mentoring has been instrumental in a 500% growth in my business.

Having confidence in her willingness to teach and guide with honesty and integrity makes the difference between staying a hobby and a thriving business. 

Yvonne Shepherd
CEO, Women's Fitness Adventures